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ETC attack, Ethereum fake fork, Dash in danger, and more | CryptoNews

Last week, the reporter handled 51% of the attacks that occurred in Ethereum Classic, showing stability at the time of writing. After short stability, the cryptogen market is declining again. Venezuela had for some time the cost of the battle higher than the world average.

Other news of the week include:

  • Ethereum Classic (ETC) suffered a Monday assault on a blockade of harmful extraction. The ETC team has asked for exchange houses increase the confirmation of your transactions to 400, Coinbase froze cryptoactive operations and reported that the attacker moved about $ 200,000 in ETC. After the attack, it turned out that the malicious fund managed 58% of the network's hash power and the total theft was 219 thousand ETC. This weekend, the attacker seems to have returned $ 100,000 to ETC at
  • Mining statistics in the Dash Network on January 10 showed that an unknown user is concentrating 65% of mining in the last 100 blocks and 51.5% in the last 1000. This shows that the cryptoactive network is prone to 51% attack,


  • The two Ethereum bifurcations, which would lead to the formation of cryptocurrents of Ethereum Classic Vision and Ethereum Nowa, were exposed as fraudulent schemes. Your official bags allegedly "Steal" private users' keys, according to the Guard Start Report.
  • In Venezuela, executive decision-making has taken place people who are performing cryptocurrent surgery, calculate and pay taxes with the corresponding cryptoactive. In this country, the price of the battle was 10% more expensive last week than the world average, according to the Localbitcoin offer.
  • A piece of urban artist PBOY, who mentions protests of the "yellow vest" in Paris, according to the author, holds a price of 0.28 bitcoins. It is a wall painting located in Paris, France, inspired by the work of classical Eugen Delacroix "Freedom of the Leading People". For this Sunday, January 13, the author revealed it The puzzle has been resolved and a solution will be released soon.

For this week, the Ethereum Constantinopolitan bifurcation is announced, where no chain division is scheduled because the Ethereum community has no conflicts with this new version of the client. Additionally, the second cryptographic protocol based on the MimbleWimble, Grin privacy protection protocol is run.


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