False officials murdered Coronel del Fuerte Conopoima

Last Wednesday, between 8:30 and 9:00 in the night, armed Cicpc-dressed men killed Colonel Henry Domingo Arellan Solan, head of the San Juan de los Morros Integrated Defense Area, Guarico

According to information, people detained him at the height of the Museo de la Ezequiel Zamora, when he was on board his Fortuner truck and was killed by the aforementioned unit under threat of death.

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According to the data provided by Johan José Estévez Gutiérrez, a witness, he traveled in a large truck transporting livestock to Agropatria in Cagua, San Juan de los Morros, in the company of his father who traveled to another vehicle, the Fortuner, the white color, AB200VF boards, with a friend named Yoraim David and GNB Colonel, Henry Arellano, who apparently served the army as an escort.

But at the height of the Moucura sector, the treasurer who traveled as a second pilot, the alcabal, and six items carrying firearms and black vests with the Cicpc logos, who immediately told them to stop right and handed it to the right. strict adherence without imagining it to be an organized group of criminals.
While the criminals moved to a Hilux truck, the Toyota brand, white, without a license plate, and black high-roller KLRs, as witnessed by the witnesses.

Later supposed uniforms told a military officer to get out of the car where they realized the colonel was carrying a firearm, and then the cash was identified as an active clerk demonstrating his credentials to continue their march.

Individuals, however, without thinking twice drew firearms and gave him several rounds of bullets at the top of the head of the integral defense area, fell on the pavement above the pool of blood, and a few seconds later ceased to exist.
The survivors then boarded a truck where Jhoan Estévez Godoy (46), rancano, and Yoraima David arrived in an unknown location.

On the way the criminals decided to stop in the El Tanque sector in Villa de Cura and let Estévez go, assuming he would be looking for $ 15,000 in cash to save the truck, he also told him to wait for his call to a place where he would delivered the money of the international circulation.

Shortly thereafter, the criminals continued their journey and a few yards relieved the lady who had been assisted by passers-by who moved her to Fuerte Conopoima in San Juan de los Morros, Guarico.

Immediately the victims condemned the murder, and around 11:00 at night the commissions of the various security forces moved to the scene of the incident, finding the body of a soldier lying on the asphalt layer

Officials at the Cicpc base attended the Villa de Cura, who moved the corpse to the Caña de Azúcar mortuary.


Against the regret of the loss of Colonel Henry Domingo Arelan Solan, CICPC officials, Chief Executive Officer of Redip Central, General Commissioner Luis Ollarves and his counterpart Miguel Plaza, Regional Director of the Aragua delegation, as well as Security Secretary Citizen Juan Sulbarán and other heads of government visited the venue , where field professionals re-spotted the site to gain elements of criminal interest.

Professionals have done the right planimetry and reconstruction of the facts, amongst others the strict expertise that is essential to finding the identification and the place where they participate.


Several committees of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigative Body led by Luis Ollarves conducted a police raid with the support of other state security authorities in various sectors of the municipality of Ezequiel Zamora and carried out a series of attacks in a murder. Until this issue was closed, nicknames were identified. Colonel's death perpetrators are expected to fall into the hands of the judiciary and report their criminal activities over the next few hours.


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