Fanny Ottati, Henrys Silva and José Andrés Padrón revive Miss Venezuela 2018


CARACAS. Fanny Ottati, Henrys Silva and José Andrés Padrón will be the official animators of Miss Venezuela's spectacular night show, which will be on Thursday 13 December at 7:00.

Henrys Silva took over the second time to give life to the most beautiful night of the year. "It is my second time with Miss Venezuela, let's say it is an opportunity that is reaffirmed when I first got the commitment (…) That night was magical, the goals were achieved, the team liked the job and confirmed the commitment with the organization. I feel happy, besides this time I welcome two great companions who are part of the Super Sabado Sensational family, "commented the animator.

On her part, Fanny Ottati said it was a dream because she always waited for that moment. "This is a new challenge that I thank God every day … The new chapter of my life has been a decisive year for my career (…) This experience will live to the fullest because it is the dream of any cheerleader who should be in Miss Venezuela, because I have to share what I know, they are my friends and brothers, we talk to each other with our eyes, we see each other very much and that is crucial on the stage, "he said.

Eventually, José Andrés Padrón, at the age of 26, expressed the great satisfaction that this message gave him. "I am very happy because I accept the blessings that God has prepared for me, the joy and happiness must come in just, exact and blessed time, and always have to come from God because I am here (…) I am looking forward to 13. "It's not easy to fit on Gilbert Correa, Daniel Sarcos and Leonardo Villalobos, and now it's on Henry Silva, José Andrés Padrona and Fanny Ottati," he said.


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