Google stops sexual harassment of its employees

The company has announced that it has an action plan to prevent sexual harassment and address the concerns of its employees.

12, 2018

2 min

After the New York Times announced that Google released a $ 90 million outflow package to Vice President Ando Rubin in 2014, thousands of workers around the world have been protesting against this act and managing ineffective management of the situation.

Given the atmosphere of tension that has occurred, the company has decided to stop sexual harassment by changing its policies on sexual harassment, discrimination and reprisals. Its executive president, Sundar Pichai, announced an action plan that consists of arbitration, which is the choice for individual charges of harassment and sexual assault, to be published to ensure greater transparency and decision-making security.

Another measure will be to expose colleagues annually, not every two years, as before, training on asexual harassment. Meanwhile, there is only one thing that is known about how Google focuses on tackling this problem, but it states that it provides more detailed information about its research and conclusions to improve the management and attention of disagreements.

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