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Here's an hour Left Alive

Square Enix re-broadcasts in Japan to show Left Alive, new video games in more detail action and survival He will come a few weeks. It left us one hour playing from the first chapter of this title, in which they took control of soldier Mikhail.

Even if it's an adventure with three different characters, only this expert pilot appears in the game and, like everyone else, tries to escape from Novo Slava. As we can see, the streets are in ruins for the invasion of the troops of the Republic of Garmonia.

The left lives 05

Mikhail will only start with a gun without ammunition and a few tools, so we'll be in danger from the start. It will be crucial Explore every stage of the scene in search of resources, even if we have to have our eyes open because there will be all enemy soldiers, he rewards stealth a lot,

We can choose to move to direct action because they show us at a certain moment of the game, which means that a large number of enemies accumulate against us with our firearms and explosives, so it is clear that this is not the best idea, especially because soldiers will be perfectly equipped with armor and strong firearms, so it will not help us.

Of course, if we do find a huge knot, then the tables will change completely, but of course it will not be easy to get to it. The game begins from the moment 16 and we invite you to see it below and remind you that Left Alive will have PS4 and PC March 5th,

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