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Instagram: Karol G and the meaning of each tattoo on his body PHOTOGRAPHY Shop | TV | Faraddula

In repeated interviews, Colombian reggaeton singer Karol G He explained that his body is like a diary, and that every tattoo symbolizes the learning of everything that happened to him in his life.

Karol G will be surprised to discover the details that will separate her from Anuela AA on her music tour "Culpables"

Now that he has a remarkable relationship with a ragpicker Anuel AA, the singer also decided to record the full name of his current partner: Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago.

Next, we will explain the importance of each tattoo.

Your idols
In September of last year, Karol G He decided to burn the face of his favorite artists on his body, which proves that his fanatism has no limitations. His face tattered his face Selena Quintanilla, Rihanna and her.

Phrases throughout the body
Karol G
always trying to send a message to his subjects and to all of his life, he made it clear and he did not forget that he had decided to tattoo some of the motivational news around his body like "That's It," "Overcoming Self," and "There's None regret, just instruction. "

Karol G
She is also a lover of flowers and along the right calf she has decided to tattoo the black roses, the engraving that shines in all her concerts.

Women's power
In the right hand, a reggaeton singer has a phrase that says "Girl Power" – a strong phrase that symbolizes her struggle against the adversity she has experienced during her music career. In his beginnings he fought against the machismus of this genre and succeeded in consolidating it as one of the maximum urban exhibits.

I hope
Karol G
the word "hope" ("hope" in Spanish) was carved on the chest, which means how its literary meaning points to the expectation of a better future by the interpreter "Guilty."

Karol G
also symbolizes the brand in the commercial aspect, and therefore the singer reggaeton decided to tattoo his own logo on the inside of the left arm.

The singer has a tattoo with the letters AR, initials that belong to her "first love", as she said in the interview a few years ago, and she has engraved on her middle finger.

Family and God
On the right side of her hull, under her arms, Carolina Giraldo Navarro, better known as Karol G the phrase was carved: "My family makes me human, God makes me strong". With this writing the singer sings a clear belief.

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