Instagram's new artificial intelligence tells users with problems seeing what's on the screen

The availability of the measures that modern smartphones include is one of the latest contributions to technologies for people with disabilities. Both major companies behind the major operating systems, Apple and Android, as well as other major players, have been dealing very seriously for some time. Instagram now adds artificial intelligence (specifically machine learning) find out what's on your uploaded photos and tell them loud to people with trouble seeing,

Instagram calls this feature automatic alternative text, and allows you to listen to descriptions in the most commonly used parts of the application: Feed, Explore, and Profile. Machine learning is used by the company Object recognition technology, with a trained model.


In addition to automatic detection, manual alternative text will also be a reality in InstagramNow, when uploading photos, users can write a description of the added images so users with visual impairments can know more precisely.

How image recognition works in other social networks

Facebook announced in 2016 the introduction of the feature to describe photos by artificial intelligence, but only for its main social network. Therefore, strange that it took more than two years to bring something that is so helpful to millions of users on InstagramFacebook also lets you add text to users

Accessibility was also important for Twitter, which also allows users to upload photos from 2016 add textual content descriptionsThe sanction is that the function, for now it seems far from what Instagram and Facebook have introduced,

The explanation is clear, Twitter does not have an auto object recognition model, but requires the user to write a description, something that some users have explained and asked for is not usual.


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