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Several crypotential stock exchanges operating on the Latin American market have informed their users that they will support the Bitcoin Cash ABC update in terms of hard bifurcationheavy fork) scheduled for next November 15 in the Bitcoin Cash block.

This is the case with Mexican Bitso and Volabit who published in their respective blogs how they will continue before the event that may result in several Bitcoin Cash stringsAlso, representatives of Panda Exchage, created in Colombia, and the Argentinean SatoshiTango platform, spoke to CriptoNoticias about their preparation for bifurcation cryptocurrency.

The following Bitcoin Cash bitwise bifurcation resulted in a discussion when two mutually exclusive proposals did not reach consensus when updating the network. The result is initiatives Bitcoin ABC 0.18.0 and Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision breaks the string of Bitcoin Cash blocks when bifurcation occurs next week.

Panda Exchage's CEO, Arley Lozano, known in social networks as VakaNo, told CriptoNoticias that the platform has already prepared the appropriate contingency plans. He further informed that operations related to the cryptogenicity portfolio would be suspended four hours before hardfork Estimates about six hours after the update to re-launch operations.

"The administrator we've used has already said that will be supported by Bitcoin Cash ABC"Continuing VaKaNo," we will support and deliver everything [los fondos] users and what results[del[del[del[delhardfork]will also be delivered. "In his opinion, there should be no division" for actions that enormous miners will accept "to protect BCH users.

Matías Bari, Managing Director of the SatoshiTango platform, said in an email that he would alert his users to some of the risks arising from the Bitcoin Cash bifurcation. The exchange, which is essentially focused on the stock exchange (BTC), offers hot-dog cash (BCH) to CFD investors. These operations will be blocked for several hours after the fork and are waiting for network stabilization, he explained.

Bari said there would be no "more specific steps in this respect," but we will inform the user own CFC BCH take high risk, because after fork volatility may be very high. "

Mexican exchange houses do not guarantee the support of BCH SV

The Mexican Bitso and Volabit Stocks have agreed that after splitting on November 15th, they will not support the Bitcoin Cash chain. Both platforms also terminate Bitcoin Cash several hours before the start of the bifurcation.

In a statement released on November 7, Bitso said he was "ready to support a plan published at", which corresponds to Bitcoin ABC 0.18.0.

"We can not predict whether strings that could lead to a chain separation They will meet our safety and marketing standards. Therefore at this moment Bitso does not guarantee multi-string support"Reads the statement.

Likewise, Call in his blog reported that he would be following the network during the BCH bifurcation to find out the moment when he recovers cryptocurrency operations and added:

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