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LeBron James takes control of the Lakers

LeBron James looks more like LeBron James from ancient times in recent weeks. Well, except Tuesday night.

His score has risen and his impact on Los Angeles Lakers has also risen. Not by chance they earn more. They beat seven out of ten, even after their 32-point loss to the Denver Nuggets.

Is it because it has become more comfortable in its new environment? Sure, it probably plays a role.

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Is that because his teammates learn to play with him and vice versa? Undoubtedly

However, it does not seem to be the real basis. James seems to get back on his way back to his comfort zone and play again as a point guard. It was not framed in this way, but that's what she's doing more and more when the season goes, and especially after Rajon Rondo was ineffective because of a broken hand.

Given that Rondo had to leave the game in Portland and later undergo the operation, James is dealing with the ball almost a minute more than in the past, according to Spectrum tracking data. This is a significant increase because the Lakers have so many things where they push the ball in the crossing that the ball statistics can be a little crooked. During this time James raised his average point by 5 points per game.

In fact, his statistics have improved in all areas, especially in his shots that fired since Rondo left. Lakers benefit. Even the "official shipowner". Lonzo Ball fills the sales lanes and emerges from the cloak to summon James.

Advanced scouts who watched the Lakers reported that Ball is often watched when James is in the game. Just ask if this arrangement is really your fate to play together in the future, especially if Ball is able to improve its outward reach and show good availability to take care of the ball as it did in recent games. The ball suffered a torn ankle on Tuesday, which may temporarily deactivate and add James in the short term.

LeBron James assumed the role of de facto ship owner for the Lakers Jake Roth / USA TODAY Sports

Probably because the ball and the control of the crime is the way in which James was conditioned to play for most of the last 15 seasons. He earned the MVP and titles that de facto served as a point guard. That is, even if he tends to psychically and physically exhaust him at times.

James complained to Cavs about the need to have more game makers on the list to mitigate this burden in recent years. It was not that Cavs coaches and the headquarters ignored him, it was just that all their data showed they were better when James was the main creator of the games. They regretted / regretted not taking the ball.

When James came to the Lakers, he liked the idea of ​​being able to play without a ball, use his broadcast and spend less energy in general. It was thought of signing Rondo and Lance Stephenson … would ease the need for James to create the same thing in creating.

But how those who were in the summer close to James will tell you that James's July version is sitting on a couch with a glass of wine and talking about basketball philosophy. And there's a medium-term version of James who wants to win over everyone else and trusts over everyone else to make it happen. As is typical, the second occurs after the accumulation of games.

When Rondo was active and he and Ball split the shipowners' tasks, some of them happened. When playing with Rondou, James played less time in the games as players like Zach LaVine and Jamal Murray. When Rondo was out, James's ball was directed to John Walle, Russell Westbrook, and Chris Paul. Basically where it was for years.

And those post-ups? James is on average half the shot for one game he did with Cavs. He can not be placed in position because most of the time the Lakers are counterattacks or believe that James is the creator of the misdemeanor.

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The scouts also realized that when James was a point guard, he seldom looks at the bench to get play from coach Luke Walton. Even when he saw them, listeners say they ignore them and play the game they prefer. Walton adjusted himself, and now that James is running for a show, Walton normally lets him call the game. It probably should not be considered a slip, but James is James.

In fact, Walton did a good job of limiting James' minutes and using the depth he had in the back line to try to ease the load so that James could be a little cooler. He now has an average of 35 minutes, which is his lowest career.

Still it took Walton a bit to see how James was comfortable in rotation. There was a game in Minnesota earlier in the season when Walton pulled James out with just five minutes of play in an attempt to set the rotation so that James could finish each set. James was, in a nutshell, confused.

In short, things are improving positively for the Lakers. James returns to his comfort zone, whether in the original game plan or not, helping.

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