Lexus is the first ad written only by artificial intelligence

Japanese luxury car brand Lexus today introduced the first ad written exclusively with the Artificial Intelligence tool during a debate with company representatives and the creative people who produced the video at the Social Media week in London.

"For us, artificial intelligence is innovation, we do not propose it as a machine gun, but as a person next to a machine," explains Michael Tripp, Lexus Communications Leader in Europe.

According to executive power, it is a technology that allows "to increase work efficiency, make much more information and create personal experiences for consumers."

The announcement is a collaboration between Lexus and Creative and marketing companies, The & Partnership London and Visual Voice, which brought IBM's Artist Intelligence Program from IBM and directed Scotsman Kevin Macdonald, an Oscar winner for the documentary "One Day in September."

Designed as part of the "DrivenbyIntuition" campaign – inspired by intuition – the announcement is accompanied by the launch of the Lexus ES line and trying to "introduce the symbiosis of artificial and natural intelligence," says Kate Levchuk, a technology specialist

The ad shows "Takumi" or a Japanese craftsman who said good-bye to the car that finished the construction just to see the vehicle in danger of freedom.

Faced with an inevitable crash, automatic emergency braking prevents disaster, "demonstrating the efficiency of the intuitive technology of the car itself," the company said in a press release.

As Macdonald explains, the director in a "normal" creative process receives a script and is responsible for correcting it to make more sense or adjust to budget requirements, "but we did not do it because we wanted to think precisely about what the writer wrote. machine. "

"Everything that appeared in the announcement was the decision of the Artificial Intelligence program, on the side of the road where the vehicle is driven to see no person in front of the wheel," says the artist.

In order to develop this story, the program analyzed hundreds of ads for cars and other luxury products over the past 15 years, all awarded for their quality, set patterns and trends as well as data on emotional intelligence to understand how to connect with viewers,

Lexus ES itself uses technology-like technology developed in advertising that detects risky situations and automatically activates brakes or steering in response to operating conditions to avoid accidents.

Production has raised many questions about the impact this technology can have on the creative industry, and although most experts have been optimistic, Macdonald has pointed out that there is something "scary" in which the machine could be programmed to be so creative .

As Tripp, Lexus's leader, undoubtedly stressed that "this technology makes our work easier", which "opens the door to the human aspect of creativity".

"It is important for us to use this experience as an exercise to learn and advance," the Executive Director added.

The promotional video will begin appearing on television and other media since November 19th. EFE

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