Mining pool threatens strings that do not accept Craig Wright's CryptoNews proposal

Mine empty blocks are currently not considered network rules. However, it is conceived as a SharkPool miners' attack, because the goal is to achieve the elimination of all block transactions transfer the pool to a pool without profit from processed transactions.

Recall that in networks that use work tests (PoW), miners generate rewards two ways: currencies created in a block and commissions per transaction while they are included.

In this way, miners joining Wright will demonstrate their strength as members of the BCH network according to SharkPool tweets. The Position Wright and his followers are this strength Networks are located in mines, and therefore users do not have much power over network decision making,

Alike, Wright covers users must only apply to miners to add valid transactions to blocks with the terms they have accepted.

At this point, it is not clear what will be the first target of the SharkPool attack. Given that the BSV proposal is the Bitcoin ABC proposal, it is likely that the chain that uses the group is the target of the first attack

However, Kuqi he said from your Twitter account that you said last year that "will chase all alty, ICO and shitcoins"And" the time has come to fulfill this promise. "So the attack could overcome the war between BCH members and overcome other ecosystem currencies.

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