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OKEx will download another 49 CryptoNew options

OKEx announced the withdrawal of 49 exchange pairs from its platform, as trading volumes were not in line with the integration guidelines. This action will take place on 30 November so that customers who have open markets for the property concerned have had to cancel before that date.

According to the statement, Several of these tokens will be removed from service altogether, Customers who have funds in these cryptographic assets in the currency exchange office must have recruited them to other platforms or personal portfolios before December 14th.

On October 28, the platform of 50 trading options jumped, especially pairs with BTC and ETH, but also USDT. On this occasion, OKEx records several affected chips in the last group. Some, such as FirstBlood and Iconomi, whose BTC and ETH markets were withdrawn a month ago, will no longer be exchanged for USDT and withdrawn from the platform.

District0x, which was not affected by the previous group, also saw that his USDT pair was suspended and will be removed from the exchange house.

According to Coinhills, OKEx calculates an average daily volume of 192,048 BTC, equivalent to 3.87% of the total market, which makes it The fifth largest exchange house in the worldIn addition to the top 5, it has the most assets and business pairs because, according to data on this platform, this platform has 477 business options.

TOKYs are the most affected by the downturn in the market

This OKEx move reflects the fact that the chips were more affected by the downward trend of the market. As has been said recently, this type of asset has seen declines greater than major cryptocurrence. The study suggests that, despite positive developments in the first ten months of the year, their volume of sales declined in November.

However, this OKEx decision did not have a negative impact on the price of all chips that were withdrawn. FirstBlood dropped its price, but the 0x area, which was also canceled, increased its value and saw an increase in its trading volume between November 20 and 26 at 27 November.

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