Potential opponents of Barcelona in the second round

Vázanka v Holland or victory Tottenham before Inter they gave Barça first place but team Ernesto Valverde unsatisfied with the minimum and managed to win in the Dutch countries Confirm your first position in this Group B,

In this manner, team Ciudad Condal will be included in the sketch of the wheel 16 in the hype of the first from the next December 17 in Nyon, in which the azulgaran will be paired with one of the sections of the different groups and will play a return elimination in Camp Nou,

Therefore, five times European Champion are already expecting an opponent in the absence of a day that can decide Your next European commitment, because most groups are still determined.

IN Group A, the only team that could touch Barça would be Borussia Dortmund, German Boxing Still Fights to Lead with Athletic, but if so, azulgran and rosary they could not see the faces in that round being a team from the same country. That's why The Germans would be a potential rival,

IN Group C possibilities are very variable and dangerous. And it is so Naples, PSG and Liverpool they will play passage and their place in the group on the last day. The Italians are the only ones depend on each other to reach the first place, which would do PSG was in this case the second; but everything still needs to be decided.

IN Group D there is a clear opponent in hype Nyon and it will be Schalke 04, which will be the second after Porto, Undoubtedly one of the most affordable rivals a priori.

For his part, in Group E The order of the ads has not yet been decided. And it is so Bayern and Ajax play Amsterdam last day's first place. The government is worth the Germans to reach their goal, which would condemn Ajax to the second position.

IN Group F the second place is still not assigned. It is currently Lyon but who could lose it Shakhtar last day. And moreover City could be the second in case of losing home on Hoffenheim and French victory Ukraine,

Another possible opponent has already decided Group G, in which Rome already has second place in possession after he was defeated before Real Madrid in Olympic,

Finally, in Group H, it all suggests United Mourinho It would be another possible candidate for the eighth round. The Juventus could still lose leadership and be second, but for this they should combine the victory of Manchester United in Mestalla and the draw or defeat of "Vecchia Signora" against young Boys

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