Sworn representatives of students in the UK

Student representatives at the University of Carabob's University Council swore this Tuesday in the presidential appointment of Jessy Divo de Romero.

There was also the academic vice-chancellor, Ulises Rojas; Vice-Rector José Angel Ferreira; and Secretary UC, Pablo Aure. The event was also attended by students attending new consultants.

The judges were: Luis Alejandro Yaguarate, Leandro Reyes and Ayham Al Chouhuf, as directors; and César Patiño, alternates, all elected on Wednesday 14th on behalf of the Alliance 23.

New members of the University Council, who represent the student sector of this study unit, took part in the oath of the first session of this case.

Since November 5, it has been declared a permanent meeting, given the context that has characterized the course of the UC student election.

According to information provided by the Rector, and on the basis of the provisions of the Electoral Code, this Thursday will be at 10:00 o'clock at the headquarters of Carabobo and at the UC Core in Aragua, a statement and subsequent talents from representatives of collegiate university authorities such as faculty and school councils. (Ucna)

In his words, after taking an oath to three new advisors, the Rector said he was the election party and that you had to turn the student election page. He believes the results confirm the institution's commitment to this country.

A press release from the University of Carabobo

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