The gang killed one officer and injured another 3 PNBs in El Valle

29 November 2018 01:15

As an act of revenge and prejudice, an attack on Bolivarian National Police officials was held on Tuesday afternoon at a checkpoint at Inter-Union Avenue El Valle, near the shopping center in the area, according to information provided by the police agency's sources.

In fact, there are two versions: the first that a couple of men on a motorcycle were stopped at the time of documentary verification. Immediately afterward the parrillero stepped out of the car and threw the grenade against the clerks while the driver ran away. The second version is that the couple crossed the point and triggered the explosive device. He developed persecution against delinquents and one of them was injured and taken to Miguel Pérez Carreño Hospital where he died. There is no identification of a dead criminal or the one who escaped on a motorcycle.

The injured officers who were taken to Miguel Pérez Carreño Hospital are Héctor Alzuru, Williams Quero, Milagros Gutiérrez, and 27-year-old Darwin Lorenzo Marcano Verdi who introduced left hand mutilations and died at night.

Relatives who yesterday removed their body at the Bello Monte mortuary also suffered head injuries. He was assigned to a special Brigade for the Protection of Victims, Witnesses and Other Processors, located at Avenida Bolivar. He had six years of service in PNB, lived in Prado de María and was the father of a five-year-old girl.

Reasons On Saturday, 24th, a party in Las Barandas, El 70, is located at the top of El Valle. The gunmen, known with the alias El Selector and El Colombia, and members of the Loco Leo group, shot and broadcast a video in which they appeared with their faces uncovered. On Sunday, the FAES commission entered the neighborhood without results, and no arrests or deaths were reported during police proceedings, "because El 70 is a peace zone and can not be assigned without the permission of higher offices," the official said without revealing his identity

The presence of FAES in the area was plagued by criminals, so action was taken at a checkpoint where two civilians were also affected by grenade shavings.

Another fact A kilometer 0 on the Petare-Santa Lucía motorway, near the PDV station, the secret of 27-year-old detective Cicpca Erick, Jesús Solórzán Arellan, who had pistol wounds, was found dead. fire

Solórzano was excluded from the Glock type 17, two phones and his Ford, model Fiesta blue, ADZ74M. According to journalistic monitoring, 66 policemen and the army have been killed by 66 officials in 48 weeks.


From October 2018 until the first half of November, the number of police murders increased to 16 people and the main motive is the theft of regulatory weapons, things, valuables and vehicles. For the same period in 2017 there were 4 murders of police officers.

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