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The HAL Laboratory shares the origin of BoxBoy –

Last week he premiered on the Nintendo Switch BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!, a new adventure of the beloved square box of the same creators of Kirby, HAL Lab. To celebrate their premiere, they have recently shared in their blog a record we could have learned from Japanese into English thanks to Siliconer. Now we bring you a brief summary of what is shared in Spanish.

At the entrance, they talked about the beginnings of the series, sharing the title was creation Yasuhiro Mukae, designer of HAL Labs labs, who had not been in charge of any game before. This was possible because HAL asked for new ideas and suggested its own: create a logical game where you had more experience, based on creating boxes and very simple characters and levels.

The interested person was interested in a company programmer helped Mukae with programming create a prototype. He then appeared in the company and, after explaining his approach, began to develop the game as something he was in charge of. The team consisted of 8 people, paying attention to fine details such as Qbby's legs, which wanted to be funny.

The team was told that the project was under development It was too simple and that it would be good to use different colors. Several artistic styles have been tried, but the original was the one that had the best acceptance and the superior positions gave the opportunity to continue with Nintendo. From there the project was expanded and more people connected.

Curious detail is that in the original version you heard the real flutes in the background, but Mukae thought they didn't fit well. They also created other content, such as stories, costumes, and even comics. Then they started working in the western version and decided to change the name «Hakoboy» for BoxBoy we know. However, Qbby kept his original name.

It is finally shared the team was nervous how fans will respond to BoxBoy announcements! + BoxGirl! on Nintendo Direct and finally they could breathe a sigh of relief when they saw positive comments in the presentation. What do you think? Here you can see some prototypes, pictures and music.

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