The last movie trailer for "Mortal Kombat 11" is a beautiful nod to the 90's movie

If you are an irreparable fan Mortal Kombat from wonderful 90, you had to have crossed paths with a live action movie 1995 directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, and if you're like us you might even consider it one of better videogame-based videotapes, just as we put it in this top.

Film Mortal Kombat they are 90 encapsulated Hairstyles, production design, visual effects, cast, terrible performances, and music are irrefutable testimonies epoch in which he was released.

VIDEO: We played a beta version of Mortal Kombat 11 & # 39; and you have to see her in action

When we talk about it, the film can be remembered on the main theme, "Techno Syndrome" The Immortals, a song that reflects doubtful quality techno more mainstream decade. If you don't remember, listen:

In a different order of ideas Deadly Battles 11 is about to arrive and NetherRealm Studios, a development studio, publishes the latest advertising campaign surprise.

one of them is trailer games that, in addition to providing a backup for a plot, are not musically anything more and nothing less than "Techno Syndrome" The Immortals, and it's the first time a song has been used to promote an official video game Mortal Kombatthat closes a full circle feedback between games and film. Don't check anything else and continue to regress 90:

"Techno Syndrome" it was never an official song Mortal Kombat, but over time, fans and even the development team accepted it as such.

Contrary to what might seem, the song did not appear for the first time in the film. It was part of the disk Mortal Kombat: Album Immortals premiered in 1994 to accompany the release of the first generation home console Mortal Kombat,

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