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The new OxygenOS beta public release causes a failure in OnePlus 6T

An error in OnePlus 6T is causing microphone issues

OnePlus 6T, one of the best phones in 2018, is not without fail: Several users have expressed their complaints over networks and forums in recent days for an alleged problem in one of the terminal's microphones causes audio playback malfunctions in some applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Snapchat,

According to the testimony of some users in Reddit when using these applications in OnePlus 6T, there may be some technical difficulties, such as a deteriorated sound quality level and a remarkably low volume, While other reports also announce that OnePlus 6T could use the top microphone to play audio, something unusual because it has as its main goal canceling noise,

An error in OnePlus 6T is causing microphone issues

Additionally, these issues do not seem to be unique to the top OnePlus model because Similar difficulties were also noted in OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5 and 5T and even OnePlus 3, According to some experts this error could be solved new OxygenOS update, but for now there are no statements that are responsible for the Chinese company.

Beta OxygenOS causes failure when upgrading to the latest version of the best OnePlus models

OnePlus began broadcasting a new version of the public beta of OxygenOS (your Android customization layer) for all OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6, and OnePlus 6T users who are logged in to your OxygenOS Open BetaThis new update comes with several important features, such as fast response support, but points out – above all Apply a number of optimizations to improve performance from smartphones logo of a Chinese company.

Beta OxygenOS causes a failure when updating to the latest version

However, with the passing of hours, several users started reporting errors in the OTA update, to the point that OnePlus has suspended the update, as detailed in the OnePlus official forum, due to critical errors and promised to continue deploying as soon as these problems are resolved. No further information is available at this time, so we will continue to inform you about the causes of this disorder and what solutions might be possible in this regard.

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