They detained 60 inhabitants of the tower of Viasa

Eligio Rojas.- 60 people residing in Viasa tower of fine arts, Commune Libertador, were arrested this afternoon during the operation by members The power of special events (Faes) Bolivarian National Police. It was also reported that there was a confrontation inside the building with the deaths of six people, according to unofficial reports.

It all started with the persecution of three people who removed their weapons from their regulations at noon at an officer José Antonio Canales Alemán who was in service at Avenida Bolivar Sur 21. With a stolen weapon, objects fired the uniformed officer into his face and ran to find the Viasa tower. While the uniform was transferred to José María Vargas Hospital. Then

In order to recognize the fact, Faes entered the building mentioned above, where, according to unofficial information, he made a series of clashes with a preliminary balance of six killed people. But in addition, Faes have arrested 60 people to be able to check through the police system. This sector has taken over patrols and officials of the PNB and other security authorities.

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