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They find an axis that transforms spiders into zombie drone – Correo del Orinoco

Scientists have discovered a kind of Amazon wasp that can turn a spider into a zombie drone who leaves his colony to follow his orders.

According to a study recently published in the field of ecological entomology, scientists at the University of British Columbia (UBC) say this discovery is the first example of a manipulative relationship between the new wasp of the species Zatypota percontatoria and the social spider Anelosimus eximius.

"The wasps that manipulate the spider's behavior have been observed earlier, but not at such a complex level (…) This wasp is not only aimed at a social spider but causes it to leave its colony," says Philippe Fern√°ndez-Fournier, author of the study and former postgraduate student in the zoology department at UBC.

The researcher was in Ecuador studying different species of parasites living in nests of spiders Anelosimus eximius, one of approximately 25 species of "social" spiders around the world when he encountered this finding.

"These wasps have an elegant look," said Samantha Straus, co-author of the study and student of the Department of Zoology, UBC.

Researchers began to reconstruct the wasp life cycle and its parasitic relationship with the spider, utilizing data collected for different projects between 2012 and 2017.

It is not yet known how wasp do they do, but scientists believe it can be an injection of hormones that make the spider think it is at another stage of life or is dispersed out of the colony.

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