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This is the first cell phone with a hole on the screen

Huawei Nova 4

A few days ago we warned you a few days ago Huawei intends to get ahead of Samsung, and said in December the first mobile market with a hole on the screen as an alternative to the cutoutWe have not known much about this device, which is unique in its kind, which would mark the beginning of a more than likely trend that many manufacturers will adopt in the next year of 2019.

Today, just days after the legacy of this phone, the new filtering from China tells us that the first Huawei cell phone with a screen opening already has a name and at the same time allows us to see the first real photos what the new Huawei Nova 4.

The Huawei Nova family will be restored with a hole on the screen

Huawei Nova 4 with a hole on the screen

It seems to have been an event held in China and played by several stars of the country of music, where the terminal first appeared in an open location, which allows us to appreciate your physical appearance in great detail. In the various images you get from the event you can see what is the difference signal of the phone in the top left of the screen, responsible for the location of the front camera.

Since its launch, it is scheduled for December 12, except for the surprise of the last minute it will be the first terminal that has a hole on the screen as an alternative to the famous glow popularized by Apple iPhone X, during 2018 it hit the middle and upper class segments.

As a result of the hole itself, Huawei could do it further reduce the top of the screen, because it is only necessary to place front sensors and speaker for calls. Still, some people are still reluctant to take this solution that Samsung is likely to adopt in the new Galaxy S10 line scheduled for the beginning of next year.

For the time being, the rear appearance of Huawei Nova 4 as well as its technical specifications and the remaining details remain secretWe are only separated for a few weeks until the phone starts, and taking into account the background of the company when launching products with different names, we would not be surprised to see how this Nova 4 landed in the rest of the areas outside of China with a different name but with the same design and specifications.

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