"Virgen del Sol" for everyone in the Luis Chacón Museum

Passion, color and faith demonstrate 56 works by Sergio Sarcos in honor of the Virgin Mary in Chiquinquiry called Virgen del Sol at the Luis Chacón Museum in Maracaibo.

Sarcos explained that since 1998 he has created pieces that are exposed, each containing Zulian symbolism. By 2016, he painted one painting per year, created 17 paintings in 2017, and this year he completed an 18-screen exhibition.

Artist, painting was not a challenge, "the moment I create it (Virgo), I'm starting to look and it's what she wants," he said. The paintings were made with mixed techniques of wood, paper, cardboard and fabrics.

Among 56 works, Wayus Christ is painted on a wooden cross, as is the "Chinita saladillera," which is presented in the original window of the "Cacika de San Luis", where Queen Brunette is seen with curly and dense hair.

In addition, the authors of the works say they are only inspired by faith, and in their collection Chinita appreciates the various religious features of the region, such as the black Christ in Gibraltar, Saint Benedict and Saint Lucia.

Sarcos explained that the paint that each of his paintings shows is the work of Maracaibo "painters love the light and color, Maracaibo is full of this".

The exhibition will be available until the end of December from 8:00 am to 5:00 in the afternoon.

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