With this trick you can save up to 60% on your mobile phone

A camera with thousands of megapixels, powered speakers, fingerprint recognition, face, iris and ear. What do all these things have in common? This is unnecessary if the mobile phone is discharged.

Although we have already made comments on recommendations to keep batteries longer, a new alternative has now been discovered: put the screen in "dark mode", Trick is known to programmers who often use the black background to modify the code and reduce visual effort. And several applications offer this name called "night mode".

But now the new AMOLED screens offer this "dark mode" which, in addition to good for the eyes, allows win battery clock,

In the Android developer convention, for example, when playing video on YouTube, across the screen, and 100% brightness, the team used 239 mAH. If you do, but with activated dark mode, it has spent 96 mAh.

Test in Dark mode on YouTube.
Test in Dark mode on YouTube.

The same test was performed with Google Maps in normal mode and in dark or night mode. Battery consumption dropped from 250 to 92 mAh.

Power consumption on Google Maps.
Power consumption on Google Maps.

What is the reason for this storage? On LCD displays, the light is a light that passes pixels, creating colors. But The individual pixels are individually illuminated on AMOLED screensFor this reason, each pixel has red light, blue light and green light: to display the black color, the pixel completely turns off all three lights; to show the white color, it lights them completely. For this reason, if the background is black, more pixels will be disabled.

By the way, extreme savings may not be so good. During testing, 100% brightness was used. With clarity in half, savings are only 14%It's something, but it's not such a radical change.

Dark Mode is part of the 9th Android operating system. In any case, this savings occurs with AMOLED mobile phones. IPhone users can also try to consume less power by enabling the Intelligent Color Invert option in the configuration menu.

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