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Zulia mayors are discussing a single toll tariff

Mayors and mayors of the state of Zulia, whose municipalities, Governor Omar Prieto Fernández, transferred them at the end of August this year to toll, discussed this Wednesday with a view to setting a single rate for them.

Luis Caldera, Mayor of Mara, and President of the Association of Bolivarian Mayors of Zulie, said that he would be delivered to the regional president,

The Los Cóndores Palace, the seat of the Zulia government, was the venue for local leaders to meet, assessing the process of transferring toll stations.

Caldera has suggested that a balance has been struck between tolling, the way staff are working and the quality of the construction.

During the negotiation of the tariff, kilometers of roads, services to be provided to users and road maintenance plans were assessed.

Among the mayoral proposals of the Guajira Provincial Governor, Indira Fernández, who runs the Paraguayan toll that leads to Colombia.

"The aim of the proposal is to collect a toll in the Colombian currency for having an international toll on the Colombian side that charges 9,000 pesos and the impact it generates from the location of the Bolivar at the border for the exchange that has taken place and the devaluation of our Colombian practices currency, "he explained.

Other issues addressed at the mayors and mayors of the unit are buses that have been renewed by the regional government and assigned to municipalities.

Similarly, the distribution of wheat flour to bakeries was discussed by local heads at 900 sovereign bolivars.

This topic was about the consistency of bread prices, especially at the entrance to the Christmas season.

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