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4 Vietnamese stars were "faced" by their parents for many reasons, the third person was the most stressful

Not all Vietnamese stars receive support from their families. Even many people suffer from their own "face" parents.

WATCH VIDEO: Miss Diem Huong choked on meeting her mother after four years of separation.

Singer Truong Quynh Anh

Surrounded by a baby sheet, Truong Quynh Anh did not know about money management, anything that followed her parents. But things start to change when the singer meets and falls in love with Tim. The marriage of the most difficult couple showbiz faces the objections of Truong Quynh Anh's parents.

Truong Quynh Anh said: "When I was 4 or 5 months pregnant, I told my parents. Of course, my parents were upset at that time. He didn't accept Mr. Tim later. Even if I love you, I still can't relax. Mr. Tim is a man who is afraid to talk, so when he makes up, he mediates. I also do not know how to create conditions because people on this side and people in the US are very difficult because they cannot meet directly. "

The marriage of the most difficult couples met with the reaction of Truong Quynh Anh's parents.

In a TV show in 2017, Tim talked about his trust in his father-in-law. First he called his brother-in-law "two uncles", then the singer decided to call "parents" and apologized for what had happened in the past:

"There was never a time when I was officially called a parent, but today I will allow my son to be called a parent. What I have experienced in the past, I hope my parents will ignore it. Now that I am a father, I understand what I suffer and care for my children.

I would like to sincerely apologize once again if I were sad for my parents and I wish we could take care of the children later. They held hands and leaped past, lived a happier, happier life, just looked at the future. "

Unfortunately, in 2018, Truong Quynh Anh – Tim announced that he was officially divorced because he couldn't hold on.

Though he tried to heal his feelings with his parents, Tim and Truong Quynh Anh were still divorced.

Miss Diem Huong

Miss Diem Huong is highly valued for her sharpness. Many people admire her for having a happy family life with a young husband and a handsome son. But before enjoying the "sweet fruit", Miss Diem Huong had to undergo many events, especially emotional cracks with her mother.

Biological mother Diem Huong does not support her beauty contest and embarks on showbiz. Moreover, when a beautiful woman is determined to divorce her husband and marry her current husband again, she met her mother's strong resistance. Four years later, Diem Huong and her mother didn't look at each other.

Diem Huong's determination to divorce her husband's family once met with strong mother's resistance.

Recently, in a television program, Diem Huong suddenly revealed the current relationship of both mother and daughter. She did that during the New Year she met her mother and relatives and had a family meal. “Huong was able to talk to his mother, her father. And my grandparents greeted Noah very dearly. The first Huong family sat down for the first time, ” Diem Huong wept with tears.

Miss cried and sent a message to her mother: "I wonder if my mother was considering this program, but I am very grateful to my mother for generously forgiving all my mistakes that have disturbed me in the past four years. When I returned, there was no scolding and everything happened like never before in the last 4 years. I always thank you for being a man who listens to you and connects you to Mom and Noah. ”

Diem Huong's story quickly shared the attention and encouragement of the public.

Currently, the relationship between Miss Diem Huong and her mother has returned to normal.

Model Ngoc Thuy

The conflict between the former model of Ngoc Thuy and her family, which in 2012-2014 caused a turbulent public opinion, namely when Ngoc Thuy and former husband Duc disputed property after divorce, her mother was not suspected of standing on the old son-in-law, revealing "heavenly" stories about girls on the media.

The incident became more problematic when Ngoc Thuy filed a lawsuit against his biological mother to go to court to return 5 million dollar villas – which her biological mother had named many years ago. As she realized that her mother intended to transfer the villas to Duc An or a third party, she decided to sue her mother despite the disrespectful remarks.

Of course, after a series of sounds of divorce, disagreement, litigation, the relationship between Ngoc Thuy and her biological parents is almost impossible to save. The court settled, even when the parents included parents and turned the younger brother away from the female model.

The conflict between Ngoc Thuy and her biological parents once caused a "storm" for a while.

In 2017, Ngoc Thuy's parents wrote a letter to their daughter, hoping to forget the old thing to return to family reunification and attend her brother's wedding in August. Mother Ngoc Thuy replied on her personal page. She said she read the message and waited for 1-2 weeks before answering because she wanted to verify her letter. But she doubted the motive for doing it, so she decided to respond immediately.

At the end of the letter, Ngoc Thuy expressed the family“I hope my parents will understand that the child has completely lost faith in friendship like me. I did not compel anyone because I had already taken my lonely destiny. For me, if I can't love and trust myself, separation is also a good thing for myself. I hope my parents are healthy and happy ”.

So far, the relationship of the former model to the family has not been healed.

Miss Ha Kieu Anh

Ha Kieu Anh was born in 1976, crowned Miss Vietnam in 1992. After 27 years of victory in a prestigious position, beauty currently complements her family life with businessman Huynh Trung Nam and 3 children. But what else does Ha Kieu Anh stand in his heart is his father's back.

Ha Kieu Anh confided to: "The first thing I have to thank is a beautiful girl like my father, they all say it, but I don't know if I should be upset or sad because my father and son didn't have the opportunity to be close to each other for decades. Since my parents broke up and my father married a kindergarten teacher, my father hasn't seen me since my stepmother didn't want my father to work with my mother.

And he followed his stepmother's intention not to see me, but he also met outside. It hurts very much. I am a child, I also want my father to love and protect me, to protect me from storms, it is also a disadvantage. But now I accept it and I think it's fate".

Ha Kieu Anh took care of his heart and turned away from his father.

Miss Vietnam 1992 also said that she and her mother are in constant contact with grandchildren, grandfather and sisters. Ha Kieu Anh, who celebrates his life or celebrates Tet, has always met everyone. “Sometimes I wonder why my father did it? And I don't understand why my stepmother hates me? I also draw on my own experience. I always have to behave well with my own son, I will never let him think or bother about treatment among children and their own children. I am fair and I treat my children the same way. "

At present, Ha Kieu Anh and his mother still maintain good family relationships. She has a happy home with her husband and children.

Singer Hair Tien

For nearly 7 years, the story of family and mother has always been a sensitive topic in Toc Tien's life. The singer rarely mentioned it because she was afraid she might misunderstand her. Long ago, Toc Tien tried to reconcile his relationship, but was unsuccessful because they couldn't find a common voice with his mother. Both are engraved.

Toc Tien still remembers the words her mother once said: "A singer is an innocent singer, people just call a singer, a singer only when he's a doctor, he can be respectable." The only thing my mother wanted was to follow her plans. My mother did not forbid me to be a singer, but I wanted to graduate from Medical University.

Toc Tien didn't find a common voice with his mother because they were both carvers.

Toc Tien said that although he would not see, any activity of the mother followed: "My mother and I did not meet face to face, but still had an e-mail that would chastise me, not love. What I do as a mother is not happy. "

Toc Tien wants to tell her: "There's enough, enough conditions to pay for hospitality, care, compensation for my mother." All I want now is that I can live comfortably. " All the misunderstandings, singers no longer want to mention. If the mother accepts, Toc Tien will be ready. But for my mother to understand her daughter, according to Toc Tien, it would be very difficult.

Toc Tien hopes, despite being "out of the face", to pay for his hospitality, care and reimbursement to his mother.

This is the first reaction of HH Diem Huong to rumors of divorce from her second husband

Miss Diem Huong said whether divorce or family was happy or not, she never answered.

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