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Australia wants AFF cup, Vietnam is afraid to lose "king" in Southeast Asia – 24-hour football

Thursday 31 January 2019 19:48 (GMT + 7)

The Australian media reported on the latest news that the national team is promoting the AFF Cup in the next two years because it wants to testify about the progress of Vietnamese football after the first Southeast Asian Championships. Park Hang Seo last year.

Video Australia Australia suffers in the United Arab Emirates in the quarterfinals in the Asian Cup in 2019:

Tel Australia was unable to meet the goal of defending the Asian Cup when this year they lost with hosts – SAE 0-1 on January 25 at Hazza bin Zayed in Al Ain. Shortly after the hot defeat, "Socceroos" wanted to shock them with the opportunity to compete in the AFF Cup (Southeast Asia Championship) in 2020.

Australia is about to attend the AFF Cup, Vietnam Tel is afraid to lose

Australian Australia (Yellow Shirt) has become the former king of the Asian Cup this year as it faces the home team of the SAE in the quarterfinals

According to the recently published The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), the Australian Football Federation (FFA) wants to allow the national team to take part in the AFF Cup finals by 2020. This is quite unexpected, since the Australians have previously nominated the U16 or U19 teams to participate in the South East Asia since joining the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) in 2013.

Sydney Morning Herald wrote: "After five years of joining the Federation for the Southeast Asian Football Federation as a side member of the FFA, she has confirmed she will negotiate with the ASEAN, Tel Australia to visit the largest soccer tournament in Southeast Asia.

Australia has entered the ASEAN Football Federation since 2013, but due to its superiority to the teams in Southeast Asia, it is not allowed to participate in the AFF Cup. However, the development of teams like Tel Vietnam in recent years has shown that the difference between the teams of Australia and the ASEAN teams has been narrowed.

It was demonstrated on the Asian Cup in 2019, when Australia reached only the quarterfinals, such as the 2018 AFF Cup winner – Vietnam. Teacher Park Hang Seo also won the eighth round against the Jordan – West Asian team won 1-0 against Australia at the start of this year's Asian Cup.

David Gallop, chairman of the Australian Football Federation, said: "Part of the development of Australia-ASEAN relations is for us to participate in the AFF Cup, with teams in Southeast Asia being really strong and Australia's participation in tournament attractions.

Australia wants to visit AFF Cup, Vietnam Tel has fear of losing the throne. Southeast Asia? - 2

Vietnam Tel is the defending champion of the AFF Cup

According to David Gallop, the FFA will continue to consider the original Australian League (A-League) plans to match AFF Cup time.

Source Morning Herald in Sydney also showed that talks between Australia and ASEAN are at the highest level. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Australian Ministry of Trade expressed their support and promised to move Socceroos to AFF Cup 2020.

Vietnam Tel is currently champion AFF Cup champion after convincing victory against Malaysia with a total score of 3-2 after two rounds of finals last December. If Australians take part in AFF Cup 2020, our team will have a terrible rival that threatens to destroy the regional football throne of Park Hang Seo teachers and teachers along with famous rivals such as Thailand and Malaysia Philippines or Indonesia …

At the current FIFA BXH, Tel Australia is 41st in the world with 1416 points, more than Vietnam Telem (ranking 100) 56 when we have 1229 points.

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