"Chinese medicine made from the human body" is not widespread in Vietnam

The Medical Administration of the Ministry of Health has confirmed that it does not allow the registration, manufacture, import and circulation of "Chinese medicine made from the human body".

The Nigerian Standard Organization confirms that there are Chinese drugs in the Nigerian market that contain the human body.

These drugs, in the form of capsules, are advertised to promote increased resistance, cancer treatment, diabetes and some terminal illnesses.

The Vietnam Drug Administration, Ministry of Health, 9/11, confirmed that no permission for the registration, manufacture, import and circulation of "China made from the human body" in Vietnam.

To ensure security for people, the Vietnamese Government for Medicines (MoH) asks provincial health services to step up propaganda and encourage people not to buy, sell or use drugs of unclear origin or origin. If they detect drugs of unknown origin, people should immediately inform functional agencies to take timely action to master.

The Ministry of Health also asks provincial health services to coordinate with agencies such as customs, market management, public security, local steering committees 389 to strengthen the control and detection of the above products. The violators will be seriously solved.

Previously, by Vanguard, The Nigerian National Intelligence Agency (NIA) published the results of its investigation. "Tablets of Chinese origin are full of meat from dead children."

The Korean Customs Agency said that on September 30, seizures 2,751 Chinese drugs containing the newborn human body and placenta. "Some Chinese people have been imported into Korea," NIA wrote in his statement. According to the NIA, the Food and Drug Administration says 18.7 billion viruses, including hepatitis B virus, are in pills.

An NIA official said that the placenta may be a small component and it is a Chinese medicine. However, the NIA stresses that the production of "human meat" drugs and their consumption is "non-human", which can lead to serious health risks.

This is not the first time that fetal and human fetal drugs are sold on the market. In 2011, Chinese officials have investigated the production of drugs produced from fetal deaths. Thousands of similar drugs originating in China were seized in Korea in 2012.

Le Nga

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