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"Department" of Trinh Xuan Thanh set!

VNExpress reports on November 8, 1818, Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang said [1]: "… Trinh Xuan Thanh wanted to flee the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security in September 2016." The Police Investigation Agency (C46, Ministry of Public Security) Mr Thanh returned to his country of origin in order to "enjoy grace" after "fleeing to Germany" 2017. In contradiction with the governmental rules on economic governance that caused serious consequences, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs but said he was "kidnapped in Germany" – which is "very apologetic" for Vietnam.

This is the first time, said the Vietnamese representative, said Trinh Xuan Thanh "animal head" on "seek devotion", such a thing does not exist "kidnapping" as happened in Germany.

Trịnh Xuân Thanh was sentenced to two life sentences "… due to deliberate fraud and property misappropriation occurred in the oil and gas groups (PVN) in Vietnam, and in the oil and gas industry (PVC) in Vietnam …" – according to VNExpress.

Recently published by Dong Thap [2]: "Mr. Duong Cuong – Managing Director of PetroVietnam Petroleum Investment – Trading Company was arrested because he participated in the transmission of Trinh Xuan Thanh" and "… at PetroVietnam Nghe An Petroleum Gas Investment Company on the 24th floor of the Petroleum Apartment Building in Quang Trung Ward, Vinh City, Tran Dinh Quang – Permanent Deputy CEO," We also heard of this reputation, but no official announcement has yet been made. In the agency, people always think the CEO is going to work.

According to Dong Thap newspaper newspaper Tuo Tre – reporter Vu Toanova – he said: "Quang added that on November 21, before leaving the office, the CEO told us to go to Hanoi."

The invisible, Vietnamese press officially recognized Trinh Xuan Thanh "escaping abroad" with the organization associated with Mr. Tang Cuong.

While the RFA station stated [3]: "… The youth network on 27/11 introduced unchanging resources from Nghe Police said that arrest by the Criminal Police Department, the Department of Public Security then provincial police search Mr. Cuong's House in Hamlet 17, Nghi Phu Commune, Vinh City (Nghe An). Deputy CEO of Nghe An Petroleum Company, however, said he had not received an official police notification of arrest, Mr. Cuong … " "Tuoi Tre" removed this article both on Facebook and in the online newspaper.

According to RFA: "… On July 31, 1977, the state media announced that Hau Giang Trinh Xuan Thanh, former deputy chairman, suddenly appeared in the Criminal Department of the Hanoi Public Security Department and charged Vietnamese agents with Mr Thanha's abduction in Berlin on July 23 last year, diplomatic tensions between Vietnam and European countries such as Germany and Slovakia.

"The Problem" Trinh Xuan Thanh.

At present, Trinh Xuan Thanh has been sentenced to two trial crimes without charge of "escaping abroad".

Captured Hung Cuong was involved in avoiding Trinh Xuan Thanh, who allegedly tried to convince others to flee abroad or stay abroad to oppose the popular rule. "- Art.

The Vietnamese government is therefore in a "dilemma":

– If Trinh Xuan Thanh is not trying to avoid or hide from abroad against the people's administration "- Article 121 of the Criminal Procedure Code 2015 to prove that Thanh" enjoys the mercy of the Party and the State. "The Vietnamese authorities have no basis for accusing under Article 120 Hung Cuong of guilt, of course, that Cuong must be released, "If you do not manage all the bad dealings", so to catch and relax Cuong (if any) is a very cruel matter to the government of the MN! Meanwhile, the Vietnamese authorities can not explain domestic and international criminals Nguyen Hai Long serving in Germany for connection to the line. "kidnapping" Trinh Xuan Thanh.

If he is compelled to the Trinh Xuan Thanh Court under Article 121 of the Criminal Procedure Code 2015, whether a suspended sentence or several years' imprisonment is meaningless because Thanh has two life sentences. The Hung Hung Street process is absolutely feasible. Of course, "Talk to Cuongem", has also become a very stupid thing to do with the Vietnamese government, because Thanh's wishes are very clear: "Please enjoy indulgence" and "about Germany living with your wife and children." Alas! The Cuong & Thanh process under Article 120, 121 of the Criminal Procedure Code 2015 shows the argument that Trinh Xuan Thanh has completely eliminated the "self-petition".

Trinh Xuan Thanh and Hung Cuong will be "prisoners of conscience" (?)

The crimes under Articles 120, 121 which are contained in Chapter XIII "Criminal Offenses against State Security" in the Criminal Code 2015. Most convicted in this category of offenses are known as "prisoners of conscience", for example 109 (ie 79 old acts) , 117 (ie 88 old laws).

Trinh Xuan Thanh and Hung Cuong naturally entered a series of prisoners known as "prisoners of conscience".

This creates a large number of domestic and international debates on the concept of a "prisoner of conscience", which has been formed and universally recognized worldwide for almost 60 years.

HRW, Freedom House, UNHRC, etc. … always talk about how prisoners will behave if Hung Cuong and Trinh Xuan Thanh are convicted of "violating national security." ?

How would former prisoners be detained by Trinh Xuan Thanh and Hung Cuong when both were convicted of "violation of national security" and were not at all violence?

Foreign affairs

Restless Trinh Xuan Thanh is increasingly covered, with Germany, Slovakia and so on.

Not so long ago, social networks and media reported that Germany had asked Vietnam to pay Trinhu Xuan Thanh for an apology, promising not to repeat it in exchange for the success of EVFTA.

Europe in general and Germany in particular are renowned for their strict laws and vibrant culture is highly disciplined. Therefore, it is difficult to persuade them to "ignore" the Vietnamese government of Trinh Xuan Thanh, because the three words "precedent" may scare them about the behavior of a unilateral state.

It seems that those involved in the "Trinh Xuan Thanh" project should learn about "international law" to understand what civilized people need in the 21st century!

Nguyen Ngoc Giaa

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