Disciplined, Tuy Duc district chairman must be transferred as an expert – Nhan Dan newspaper

That is why Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Long is responsible for the handing over of the work, all documents related to the management of the Tuy Duc People's Chamber, the implementation period from the date of the announcement of the decision until the end of 30.11.2018. On December 3, 2018, Mr. Long will officially receive a new job at the board of Dac Nong Geological Park.

Previously, Dac Nong Province issued a decision to dismiss the members of the District Executive Committee, a member of the Permanent Committee of the District Party Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Tuyen District Party for Mr. Long.

As the People's Daily said, in just five months Mr Long has long held two disciplinary hearings on the part of the party. Specifically, in July 2018, the Dac Nong Inspection Committee of the province of Dac Nong discipline in the form of an alert deputy secretary of the district committee of the party, chairman of the District People's Committee Nguyen Ngoc Long due to defects, violation: sign decision on the issue of the certificate of land use in rural areas without conversion of the purpose of land use; Be jointly and severally responsible for allowing many low-level officials to commit breaches of land management; Sign the appointment of a number of cadres who have not yet been qualified for cadet titles and the order and procedures for appointment under the regulations, including appointments as siblings; The rules of the People's Commission of the Tuy Đức district led to the signing of documents that were not in accordance with procedures, order and authority.

In October, the Dac Nong Provincial Control Committee continued the Nguyen Ngoc Long defense discipline. Reason: From 2013 until now, Mr. Long and his wife have borrowed from some individuals with large sums of money, high interest rates beyond the rules; They did not fulfill their obligations, they did not have much debt, they did not have the opportunity to pay their debts, and so they gave off. The disadvantage is that this disturbance has influenced the prestige of the party, the government and its own. Violation of the rules of the Central Committee of the Party on matters that members can not do; Responsibility to determine the example of cadres, party members in particular key leaders at all levels.

Suspended work by Chairman of the Committee of People's Regions Tuy Duc

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