District police 9 said

Wednesday, 21 November 18 00:30 (GMT + 7)

Police leaders in district 9, Ho Chi Minh city, are related to reaction clips, the police commander requested "as the bottom, select the time of destination".

Clip: People respond, the main police demand "as on the bottom, select the time of destination"

Colonel Trang Viet Thanh, Chief of Police in District 9 (City of Ho Chi Minh City), exchanged information regarding the Tan Phu Police District Commander (District 9) to select a time station "in humans.

Colonel Thanh said the police were initially inadequate. The police clarify the organization of the review.

Previously in the social network appeared clips recorded police scene, street safety on the scene to protect and dismantle the fence of the household then coincidentally coincides with the owner. At the climax of the incident, the person wearing a police captain's captain's uniform asked: "I'd like to take off, select the destination."

Police say they prefer to undress, choose the destination time: # 9 district police - 1

Picture of a police incident with the landlord

Vu Thi Thu Ha, People's Committee Chairman Tan Phu Ward, District 9, said the incident took place in the morning of 14/11, when the delegation of the People's Committee headed by Ha Ha and Tan Phu police turned the area. Neighborhood 5 to remove a fence caused by a household that affects the movement of other households.

The head of the department informs that between Mr T and Mrs L & amp; House (District 5) there have been looser disputes over a joint journey between the two houses over the years. Mr. T's family repeatedly closed the door to Ms. L & # 39; s house, then the case was resolved by the court.

On 14 November Mr T continues to block the entrance to Ms L. Implementation of the decision of the District Court to provide emergency access for the household Mrs L and the Committee for People's Circumstances with public support to divert to the defensive area to dismantle the concrete panels to block the entrance to Mrs L.

When the working group was abolished, Mr T mobilized many relatives who protested. The daughter of T repeatedly offended the functional forces.

"At the same time, the man who walked barely did not understand that the story was humiliated to curse N commander and threaten the assault. At that time Mr N could not keep quiet, so N was a hot voice because of his lack of restraint," Ha said.

Chairman Tan Phu Ward also said that Major N later calmed down. In the headquarters, Mrs Ha, along with the police chiefs, had meetings and experiences, as well as the comments that were being dealt with by N Commander of the People's Police Behavior.

Mrs. Ha added that this is not the first time that the department has met its disparate activities. In addition, Mr. T did not coordinate with government agencies to address all related issues. land dispute.

The policeman demanded

Responding to people, the main police asked, "As on the bottom, choose the time of destination."

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