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The Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) has just announced the names of investors who have registered for the purchase of shares of the Vietnam Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) of Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Corporation (Vinaconex, code: VCG).

Too many hidden numbers in Vinaconex

On November 22, SCIC will sell 254.9 million shares of VCG, equivalent to 57.71% of the share capital. With the initial price of VND21,300 / share, the minimum value of this sale is expected to be US $ 5,430 billion.

According to SCIC, four investors have bought shares, including Star Invest Investment Co., Thang Long Infrastructure Investment TJC, Quy Hung Company Limited, and one single Mr. Nguyen Van Dong. According to the auction regulation, investors wishing to participate should be required to deposit 10%, equivalent to 543 billion.

First, unknown number of individuals Nguyen Van Dong. According to the request to buy large shares in the auction Mr. Dong was born in 1980 in Thua Thien Hue. Mr Dong has registered to acquire all SCIC shares sold with a minimum VND of 5,430 billion for long-term investment purposes.

As to the financial plan, Mr. Dong said he had prepared his own funds and other legal capital to ensure the auction and payout in time. The fact that a young person is young but possesses such a wealth of wealth that the financial markets have never heard makes investors astounding but interesting.

The dramatic mystery behind the acquisition of Vinaconex shares is Star Invest Investment Limited. This company was founded on 9.11. Commercial real estate registration, housing construction. A weekly venture with a capital of 200 billion VND also had director Dang Anh Duc, who was born in 1985. Duc is also the legal representative of the company.

The source of the auction, Star Invest, said that it provided sufficient funds to participate in the auction of Vinaconex shares to ensure participation in the auctions and payouts at the right time.

"Vinaconex will be an attractive investment channel for investors, which will have a steady profit for shareholders, so we have a long-term interest in trading with us." Vinaconex's support for market expansion, improvement of financial capabilities, corporate governance and business efficiency improvement and competitiveness of Vinaconex after successful auctions, "said Star Invest, a weekly store that was confirmed in the auction.

Thang Long Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company (TJC) was formed in 2008 with a capital base of 250 billion VND. Three shareholders, Nguyen Duy Dung and Tran Duc Tho own 45% and Nguyen Viet Hung own 10%.

Thang Long TJC has a total capital of only 257 billion, net profit in 2017 just over 1 billion, after tax losses of 2.8 billion. However, Thang Long TJC has registered to buy all SCIC shares sold with equity and other capital mobilized.

Quy Hung Co., Ltd. (Chuong My, Hanoi) has a specialized capital of 360 billion GNI, especially in the field of construction of industrial, civil, transport and irrigation works. is 70% in Nguyen Xuan Dong, 30% in Do Thi Thanh.

The company has a total capital of 999.6 billion dongs, net income in 2017 reached 956.5 billion dongs and a post-tax profit of 62.4 billion dongs. With the best business situation among the four investors, An Quy Hung was highly rated by investors.

Also, on 22 November, the Viettel Industrial Group (ITV) auctioned a total of 94,010,175 shares, equivalent to 940 billion VND at face value, representing 21.28% of Vinaconex's purchased capital with an initial VND price of 2,002,416,727 500 / piece, equivalent to 21 300 VND / share.

Thang Long Housing and Urban Development Joint Stock Company and Cuong Vu Real Estate Company Limited are two companies registered for purchase. Thang Long Housing and Urban Development was founded in early 2010 by Mr. Trinh Can Chinh as Director and Attorney. Mr. Trinh Can Chinh is the son of the famous capitalist Trinh Van Bo.

Cuong Vu is the "hidden number" of a newly established company at the end of 2017 with a charter capital of just $ 20 billion. Many sources claim that Vuong Vu is only a representative of a hidden real estate giant who wants to buy Vinaconex.

Total SCIC and Viettel's capital drawdown at Vinaconex on November 23 amounted to at least 7 400 billion VND.

The Land Fund is still an attractive piece of cake

According to Vinaconex, the company controls and owns 3.2 million square meters of land, of which 131 786 square meters of land in nine projects and 3 million square meters of land under construction in seven other projects. The Vinaconex Land Fund is distributed in many places, but mostly in Hanoi.

The largest area of ​​Vinaconex is 2.7 million m2 in the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park. Vinaconex builds the industrial zone infrastructure up to 3116 billion VND1 including transport, power, drainage, waste disposal … After the revenue from the infrastructure lease is completed, the Industrial Zone will be enormous.

In addition, Vinaconex owns 356,171 m2 Hi-Tech Park 1 in Thach Hoa District (Ha Noi), space rental and infrastructure.

The plot area of ​​32,696 m2 in the villages of An Khanh and Hoai Duc and implements the Vinaconex New urban area (Splendora) project.

Vinaconex also carries out two renovation projects for an old flat at the level of 93-97-99 Lang Ha with a total investment of more than 1.550 billion. At the same time, the company is realizing a 33-story apartment building in Nguyen Huy Tuong (invested 637.5 billion) and Vinata Towers (invested 618.7 billion).

In addition, Vinaconex owns 24,000 m2 of land, currently Ly Thai to Elementary School (Hanoi), 8,500 m2 in Soc Son (Hanoi), 33,000 m2 of land at a petrol station.

The Vinaconex large land bank appears to be a "pie" that attracts investors to the market. This proves that the real estate sector is extremely attractive in the eyes of investors.

The closing of the trading session on 15 November, the VCG was 17,200 dongs per share, well below the price of 21,300 dongs per share in the auction.

Vinaconex was the first state-owned company in 2006. Vinaconex launched its shares at HNX in 2008. With an initial equity of 499.8 billion VND in 2006, PVFCC has a capital of 4 417.1 billion GNI at present, with three major shareholders including SCIC holding 57.71% of the share capital, Viettel owns 21.28% and PYN Elite Fund (Non-Ucits). owns 7.54%.

In 2018, Vinaconex wants to increase its overall sales by 9.3% over the previous year. It is therefore expected that Vinaconex's total sales will be 19,440.7 billion dongs, with a profit after tax of 1,355.8 billion dong. As far as the parent company is concerned, from 2017, there will be a sudden profit from the sale of Vinaconex Clean Water (Viwasupco), worth 760 billion VND. So if we compare only pure data, the plan for 2018 is small. than those of 2017.

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