Hate Hen Niè and Vietnamese Star for Kim Anh - photo 1Hen Niê a few hours ago caused many fans to tear their tears as they tried to share the news that touched Kim Anh who died on Oct. 20 on Oct. 20 due to ovarian cancer at the Ung Thun Ho Chi Minh Hospital City at age 26.
Hear Nima and the Vietnamese stars for Kim Anh - photo 2"Goodbye, maybe I ended up with painful times, I left a lot of lessons for those who stayed in human values ​​I support the people around me, my dedication to the family when Tet is near, I ask my mother to buy the rice and send it, your family to eat Tet's relatives, the strong resistance of anyone who can be like you, "wrote the most beautiful Miss 2018 in the world.

Poster with farewell H & Hen Niè and Vietnamese stars for Kim Anh - photo 3Early on January 4, Hen Hen and many models such as Phuong Dai, Thanh Thao, Cha Mi, Ha You, Le Thuy and Ha Anh also shared call status for help from colleagues and supporters Kim Anh.
Hear Hen Niê and Vietnamese Star for Kim Anh - photo 4After the sad news of Kim Anh, actor Hoang Phi Kha said sadly: "Life is unstable, I know my two friends lost because of two different diseases." Kim Anh is a model nurse who has cancer. a letter when I learned that I was sick, I sent money for a visit and said that through Tet I will make a charity program that will help me with the cost of overcoming this disease. I hope you can relax ".

Hear with farewell H & Hen Nih and Vietnamese stars for Kim Anh - photo 5While her older sister, her close colleague, is a model that Le Thuy painfully wrote on his personal side: "So human life is done, it goes away calmly, it's painful."
Poster with Farewell H & Hen Nih and Vietnamese Stars for Kim Anh - photo 6It is known that Kim Anh was born in 1993 in Nam Dinh. In 2013, she discovered ovarian cancer. At the time of the discovery, the disease was in stage 3 and had to remove the right ovary. However, due to family circumstances, Kim Anh refused to continue treatment to go to school and attend family meetings.
Poster with Farewell H & Hen Nijem and Vietnamese Star for Kim Anh - photo 7By 2015, however, more severe relapses have exacerbated female models in the health and family environment. End-of-life images are only skin and bones when treated at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM City Kim Anh made many people stop crying.

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