Find out the husband who hangs on the tree

Saturday, 10/11/2013 12:17 (GMT + 7)

Dirty people have discovered a woman's body on a hill with many injuries. Functional forces find their former husband hanging close to the scene.

Murder of a Wife in a Divorce Procedure: Find out a spouse on a tree - 1

The scene revealed that he died with many injuries to a person (Photo: KSĐP)

In the morning of 10/11, reporters, policemen (PC02), police officers from Yen Bai province said the unit coordinated with Van Yen District police to investigate the body of a woman with a lot of injuries and a hanging man hanging close to the Tan community scene Hop, in the Van Yen district, Yen Bai province.

The PC02 representative during the investigation found that the man was a former husband of a woman who was also the culprit who caused the death of the victim.

On the same day, Trieu Quoc Toan, chairman of the Tan Hop People's Commission, Van Yen, Yen Bai province, said that this woman is Nguyen Thi S (SN 1976, resident of Tan Hop, Van District). Yen), ex-husband S is Giang Van Hoan (SN 1964, with Tan Hop).

"The couple just divorced and was ordered to divide this property lawfully two months ago." Both had a broken marriage, Hoan has two separate sons, S has one son. Two have a common child in the seventh grade, "said Toan.

Murder of his wife in divorce proceedings: Identify the man who hangs on the tree - 2

Mr. Hoan died in a hanging position 300 m from the scene (Photo: KSĐP)

Initial information, morning 9/11, S has hills about 2km to debris, but in the evening I did not see home S, so a new search home. At six o'clock on the same day, the fire of the house broke out Sister's sister died, there were many injuries to people.

Shortly thereafter, family S reported the functional forces present on the scene. During the investigation, the authorities found that Mr. Giang Van Hoan died hanging from the scene where he discovered about 300 m at 23 o'clock the same night.

As for the cause of the incident, Mr. Trieu Quoc Toan, Chairman of the Tan Hopes Committee, said that due to the conflict in the division of land and property, because the court ruled on divorce between Mr. Hoan and S, so they are still upset, they often conflict with each other.

The case continues by District Police Van Yen, he clarified.

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