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Giang Ho lends Saigon businesses with heavy interest loans

Chau and Juniors borrow 20-30% monthly interest, legalize car hire; using waste, shrimp sauce to terrorize borrowers.

On January 30th, the arrest of more than 20 people in two gangs led by Le Ngoc Chau (36 years old, Hai Phong country) and Phung Anh Tuan (37-year-old Nam Dinh), was arrested on January 30th by the police in Ho Chi Minh City. vi Borrowing great interest in civil transactions.

The suspects are all northern residents who arrive in Saigon since 2016. After a long observation, more than a month ago, many scouts were cast to check car hire and bookstores on Ba Thang Hai Road. District 10) Chau is the director. Almost 100 car rental records, many supporting tools, weapons … confiscated.

Chau (left) and one of the beloved juniors. Photo: Police provide,

Chau (left) and one of the beloved juniors. Photo: The police provide,

The police found that Chau's tenants actually borrow from 20 to 30% per month. Chau covered the loan with a car hire contract; keep identity card, household registration book … debtors to believe.

On the day of interest payment, borrowers come to this shop to pay. If it had not been in time, the group of Chau's tattooed juniors were dragging their way home to the terrorist borrowers. In April 2016, Mrs Truong stayed in District 6 without paying interest, so she turned her face. Four young men sprang, found it in district 7, and then brought them to the headquarters of beating, forced to write debt paper with more.

"This group has set up a firm to hide black credit, and the record collected here represents an initial amount of more than 500 million dongs, but each month it is about 150 million dongs," the investigating officer said.

Alike, Three branch offices, laptops in the 8, 9 and Binh Thanh districts were also inspected, to catch many records of installments. When working with the police, buyers realize that they borrow money from these deals at interest rates of 20-30% per month.

"Both gangs have a script to deal with bad borrowers, first using shrimp paste, waste water, color … terrorize the debt, all right," said the investigator.

According to Major General Phan Anh Minh (Deputy Chief of Police in Ho Chi Minh City), over 800 people are illegal lenders and interest rate violations. In which more than two-thirds are people in northern provinces, they have bad identities, they are being investigated and want.

By the end of 2018, the armed forces had 320 people, but most of them could only sanction administrative violations such as non-registration of temporary residence causing public disorder … Only a few criminals convicted of a crime are prosecuted and detained.

The crime of lending great interest to civilian transactions.

1. Any person in a civil contract who borrows at a rate of 5 times or more the highest interest rates prescribed in the Civil Code, unlawful profits of 30 million to less than 100 million GNI; or have been properly approved for this behavior; or have been convicted of this crime, the criminal record has not yet been abolished but also violated, a fine of between 50 million and 200 million dongs will be imposed; or non-restitutional reform fine for up to 3 years.

2. A criminal offense of gaining an unjustified profit of 100 million GNI or more will be fined between 200 million VND and 1 billion or prison from 6 months to 3 years.

3. Offenders may also be subject to a fine of between 30 million and 100 million GNI, a prohibition on the performance of certain jobs, the pursuit of certain professions or the carrying out of certain work for one to five years.

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