Growing bitter, brandy, sales leaves, U60 gathered 20 million per month

It is located in the center of Vietnamese electricity, but few people think there is a 10 hectare forest garden covered with large trees, fruit trees and green tea like the Nhien family.

According to Nhien, this country has been back from its parents since 1960. Nhien and her children later worked as civil servants in state agencies. On large plots of land abandoned but impatient, so in 2004 she had just worked out that Nhien had just entered a house known in Lai Chau province to use Tam Duong Tea for the plantation of closed hills. Each year planted a small, retired day, Nhien has a 10ha tea garden.

Nhien Nhien's wife cuts 200 pieces of tea leaves into small bundles for businessmen and restaurants on the street, the price of 5,000 / bundle

Mrs. Nhien's tea garden blends with fruit trees and trees. Because of soil fertility, teahouses are interconnected with other plants, but still very green, the body is more than half the head. Currently only Nhien and his youngest son specialize in horticulture, but not every month, they have to hire another 5 local workers to help.

Ms. Nhien said: "Many customers buy tea leaves for my tea, green tea is just cool, it does not drink any chit. Every day at 4:00 pm My husband stepped 2 cents, wrapped in small bundles, at wholesale markets, restaurants with fresh money from 500,000 to 700,000. Although I had a semi-continuous cut, but because of the big space I should have a group that I shortened the first year and then dropped out to pick it again next year, it's waste, but due to lack of workforce and the consumption of green tea in the Dien Bien Phu district is slow, only about 2 cents a day, so the family will ask more markets in the districts and some other provinces of green tea processing plants.

10ha tea tree grows naturally as a forest, and Nhien never uses insecticides sprayed on tea trees.

Before we question why families do not produce more dry tea products? "Tea is expensive, but it takes a lot of time and labor, the tea production phase requires high technology, investment in machinery … So the family does not intend to convert, in this way, fresh tea that cares for plants, simple, just safe, the cost of fertilizers and care is negligible.

"I never use pesticides, tea plants naturally grow like forest trees, once NPK fertilizer." If tea is too old, the price for customers is more favorable because tea is much tastier and tasty, "she said.

According to Nhien, fresh tea leaves are old and easy to sell because customers will have a green tea color, a strong flavor.

According to Mr. Lo Van Hoan, chairman of the agricultural association Him Lam Ward, it is an economic model that is relatively effective in the local area, which is clean and very promising. Consumers tend to favor the choice of green products, to use them immediately, because they are scarcely processable and conservative. Compared with growing dried tea, ever-growing fresh tea gives more and more stable income, less price fluctuations, and does not depend on market prices like other agricultural products. If the cut of 1 kg in both branches and leaves the price is 5000 VND / band, or if the whole sheet is sold, 20,000 VND / kg.

In the future, Nhien wants to expand green tea tea consumption, which is safe for many consumers.

According to Hoan, Dr Du Thi Nhien's current source of raw tea is rich, but consumption is still fragmented, small. In the upcoming period, the association will encourage family members to expand the consumer market into districts and introduce green tea production facilities outside of the province to boost consumption and increase the value of local green tea products.

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