Guerrilla on cheaper vehicles VinFast Fadil looking at double cars "Chevrolet Spark, Opel Karl

The image of VinFast Fadil in the lift in the elevator is the same as the next-generation Opel Karl Rocks.

Opel's small Opel car uses the same chassis system as Chevrolet Spark, which was just gathered in Vietnam. Opel Karl was gathered in GM Korea, then exported to some European countries.

Blade Autonews VinFast bought a copy of Opel Karl from GM to make its own small vehicle using the Chevrolet Spark chassis.

Therefore, the possibility that VinFast Fadil is a substitute for Chevrolet Spark in Vietnam is very high. Fadil and Karl also promise equality.

In October, the company will confirm that Opel Karl (also known as Vauxhall Viva) will be discontinued from late 2019 in order to upgrade. Perhaps the VinFast electric model is included in this plan.

VinFast Fadil in Vietnam designed by Karl Opel Karl Rocks – a crossover version of the Karl car.

The difference between Carlsbad and Karl usually comes from the front bumper, the bunker, the hip and the edge of the black wheels. 15-inch alloy wheel with 2 tone colors.

Guerrilla equipped with cheap cars by VinFast Fadil looking at Chevrolet Spark, Opel Karl - photo 1.
Chassis with cheap VinFast Fadil cars looking at Chevrolet Spark, Opel Karl - Photo 2.

The Opel Karl Rocks is similar to the Chevrolet Spark Activ brand.

Opel Karl is much more modern than the Chevrolet Spark. The steering wheel has many buttons. The large rear monitor has a small electronic screen in the middle.

The high-quality, air-conditioned touch screen supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as leather seats. The lower seat is used for air conditioning. The 206-liter luggage compartment was extended to 1013 liters after the rear seat layout.

Guess the equipment on a cheap VinFast Fadil car looking at Chevrolet Spark, Opel Karl - Photo 3.

Opel Karl is relatively modern.

1-liter engine for the European market with a power of 73 hp and a torque of 95 Nm, combined five-speed and front-wheel drive. It is not clear whether Fadil is equipped with engine and gearboxes. Previously, the Chevrolet Spark had only the number of decks.

The price of the VinFast Fadil is expected to be around the Chevrolet Spark, which is approximately 300-400 million. Hyundai Grand i10, Kia Morning, Toyota Wigo and Suzuki Celerio. Next year, Fadil is more competitive than Honda Brio.

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