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He gives Tet bonuses to his wife, his son said a sentence that shocked a man – a young man

Wednesday 30 January 2019 17:13 (GMT + 7)

The only sentence of the child was a deeply abusive man.

Recently, the male part of the Chinese social network is driving public opinion and attracting people's attention.

He gives Tet bonuses to his wife, son said a sentence that shocked men - 1

According to this man last year worked very hard, not just promotional work, the admiration of his colleagues, awards of leaders, at the end of the year, he also earned the Tet bonus. His total Tet bonus is 66,000 yuan (over 230 million VND).

When he received the Tet bonus, he was very happy. He remembered the year before that his wife was just as unhappy, she kept herself and took care of the whole family without complaints, decided to give his wife all her Tet bonuses, thanks to her wife and hope she would compensate. my shortcomings.

However, when he gave Tet bonuses to his wife, his son suddenly turned and said, "Mom is good, the end of the year deserves a bonus, my mother is a lot better than my father, you know just working, drinking all day, singing, homecoming, smoking , they do not want to play with their children, the holidays do not pay attention to me, I really should not get bonuses for Tet. "

The silence of the son stunned the instant man, began to look and think a lot. He said he really regrets that he worked so hard and forgot his family.

During this time he devotes attention to the balance between work and family, and hopes that his story will help warn people, not because he is too focused on business, career, forgetting what is new most important.

After the male sex was published, there was plenty of acceptance.

"Money is available, family is really important because money does not buy time, remember, remember carefully", "Despite economic pressure, great work pressure, so playing with your children and their oldest children is really a time when they can not buy gold, but also soon realize. ". Netizens commented.

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