Honda Passport reduces gaps in the SUV market

It is expected that at the beginning of next year, the Passport 2019 will deliver greater, more robust CR-V, but more sporty and compact than the Pilot. That's why this new SUV combines field performance and street comfort.

With a dull black grille similar to Ridgeline, the new Passport has a muscular, muscular exterior with black plastic bumpers, a higher chassis and standard 21-inch alloy wheels. .

The vehicle is equipped with an LED system and a double exhaust system with chrome head.

Inside the vehicle there is a pilot space, a four-spoke steering wheel and a 7-inch display in hours.

The Honda Passport also features a 3-zone automatic climate control system and a 6-speaker with a 5-inch display.

The Passport EX-L and above versions feature heated leather seats, roof doors and 8-inch audio systems with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The vehicles are equipped with electric front seats, a HomeLink system and a back-angle camera with an active orientation.

The Touring and Elite versions feature an additional GPS navigation system, indoor lights and 10-speaker sound systems. Other remarkable features include heated rear seats, glossy black interior and 4G LTE Wi-Fi port.

As far as practicality is concerned, Passport has a rear seat and the overall interior of the widest segment. The capacity of the luggage compartment is 1 566 liters and will increase to 2 205 liters if the rear seats are folded down (press one button). There is also a storage compartment with a capacity of 70.8 liters.

The Honda Passport is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 280 hp and 354 Nm of torque, combined with a 9-speed automatic gearbox and optional all-wheel drive.

The new SUV, designed to be ready for riding in the field, features an intelligent traction control system including conventional, sand, snow and muddy modes in the 4WD AWD.

Honda says the system helps Passports to have better off-road capabilities than their competitors in the same segment.

Passport uses Honda's Global Light Truck platform and shares most of the structure with Pilot and Ridgeline. Thanks to this solid structure, Pass Pass can extract up to 2268 kilograms.

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