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Hot comedy village girl booked tickets to watch Vietnam

Wednesday 28 November 1818 17:44 (GMT + 7)

4 links to the VFF tickets were "collapsed" at the time of sale, Star Vietnam with the same mood with the hot girl's comedy Wu Lijuan.

Hot comedy girl booked tickets for Vietnam - Philippines, and here are the results - 1

Vietnam – Philippines tickets sold online, but are more urgent for people

The story of the purchase of football tickets at a meeting with the Philippines at My Dinh stadium became the 28th of November.

After an official sale from 10:00 in the morning, the VFF ticket system was overloaded. 4 links to ticket purchase are traffic jams and have no access. This makes people wait impatiently and confused.

Only a handful of people are lucky enough to get a "golden" ticket, while most can not book tickets. After several minutes when tickets are available, the announcement that the tickets have been sold out.

Hot Girl Comedy North – Ngo Le Quyen with the same mood with many people buy tickets online. Comedian actress Buried Writing on a personal page: "Buy tickets to see the World Cup that this type of apartment.

Hot comedy girl booked tickets for Vietnam - Philippines, and here are the results - 2

Ngo Le Quyen said she could not buy tickets online

Le Quyen said she likes to shop online because she has no time to queue for direct shopping. Actually, the actress has tried to book a semi-final round of Vietnam many times, but not all.

"I have very little money and I'm afraid the ticket holder will take the opportunity to increase the value of individual tickets several times." I think the ticket must be sold publicly and sold at a certain amount. But this fear is impossible for many reasons "- shares Le Quyen.

Like a hot girl's comedy, Le Quyen still needs time to watch and cheer football, especially with the Vietnam team. The actress tells her about selling online football tickets in Vietnam: "Online shopping online is quite popular, purchasing online pet tickets is quite comfortable.

Last time, when visiting Tel Cambodia Vietnam, I also bought tickets online and quite simply. But the semifinals are probably due to the growing demand of people, so it is difficult to book tickets. Almost everyone wants to buy tickets from outside. "

Le Quyen also shared their 2-1 prediction against Vietnam in a match at My Dinh Stadium.

Hot comedy girl booked tickets for Vietnam - Philippines, and here are the results - 3

Duy Alex – the most famous child actor in Vietnam for a while – now a pilot and very passionate football

Together with Le Quyen they also have Duy Alex – an actress, now a pilot. On his personal side, Duy does not shrink immediately when he directly books online without. "Selling tickets online, which took tickets for five to seven minutes, and again all denominations.

Read the guide to buying online tickets in newspapers, I have to do all the steps to complete the ticket must take 10 minutes, not slow the network, but sometimes. But in less than 10 minutes all denominations are gone !!! "- said Duy Alex.

"I do not know if My Dinh stadium is still full of seats, but I'm sure to get the tickets to watch the competition that the fans will have to take the money is not small!"

Although it is necessary, Duy Alex will not forget to send the team's wish: "Well, at least well, Vietnam will play well and bring the country a joy and glory."

Hot comedy girl booked tickets for Vietnam - Philippines, and here are the results - 4

MC Trung Trung has designed a solution to prevent congestion when selling tickets online

For interest in football, watching the game and understanding the king's sport, MC Trung Trung said: "Selling tickets online at a time like this must be a huge investment that one year of the VFF is only used once, it's very expensive, not to mention the maintenance fee. I think people should also sympathize with the VFF.

However, I believe that the League should have another way, apart from reducing online sales and increasing direct ticket sales in different locations. For example, it is possible to sell more tickets in My Dinh, Hang Diem yard, another 3-4 locations to distribute the number of buyers in many places.

Everywhere fans can buy tickets and avoid overloading. I think this is one way we should think in the future. "

Before the urgent need of netizens due to the situation can not be booked, in the afternoon of 28 November, the football association of Vietnam issued a notice. So there are 5,000 tickets to sell, and fans still have tickets online.

Also talking about the match with Vietnam in the Philippines on December 2, MC Trung Trung predicted: "It will be a tough game. It is difficult to reconcile the Philippines when the pitch in the Philippines is very bad.

I think the score 1-1, goals away are for the Vietnamese team a reasonable result before we dig at home at home.


In addition to their surname, it is called "Princess", Van Lam, the goalkeeper of Team Vietnam, also has 4 special women …

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