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I'm embarrassed to live with my father

Her parents divorced from the time she was in the 6th year, she has 3 sisters (2 girls and 1 son), they are with her mother, she is with her father. Mother is not economical, work and living are not stable, they live with my family, I do not want to ask to stay with the same wishes, and my mother also wants to go home. My father is the youngest son in the family, so his grandmother was very old, growing up in addictions, but long ago he was cured. 43 year old father, but on the way, the clothes must head shine hair shine hair, go on the road without wearing helmets, meet the red lights do not stop, even pedal or stop the red light to stop him. As soon as my father went to the market to go on his lap to slow grandparents on the road. Wherever he goes, he can talk loudly, although he is little, and when he goes with his father he is very humiliated.

And not only that, his father is also a flower, a message of flirting with many people who are in love. She went home with her nephew for nearly a year, she is a teacher of English, home in Hanoi. My father made her pay all the money in the house, and the money was small, except for a few money and money, then a new father. Her father is very excited, ignorant of anything, aggressive, indignant, unshakable (he is still), if he does not save money, he can be cursed right away and is jealous all day and threatens to be hurt. I love her very much, but once again I could cry (though I never took it), I was gradually careful, but I'm afraid it's very good for me. She also has two children in Hanoi, she has a very heart to want to live with children who can not escape.

My father has tiles for rent on the lower floor, but in the last few months he does not have tuition fees, so he's very shy with his teacher (though his father does not have to pay much). I am a high school student, grade 11, grandchildren and dad in the last few years, or they quarrel because they can not stand the father. Last time I grabbed my hair, sometimes even on the track, even though it was considered good. Normally, I walk with you, but I want to go once or twice a month to say about my father's contradiction. He does not have breakfast for my dad, I have to ask him to have money for food or to buy the money he has to buy for his father. I did not dare to say anything in stage two, but now bad dad is doing daily clocks and father pictures or beat people who are always brave in heart.

I'm so unhappy that I have such a father that I feel so shameful. I still love dad, I'd like to tell a dad a lot of things, but I do not think so. What can I do when I become more and more involved with the present circumstances?


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