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Korean newspapers have highlighted what a domestic team has to learn in Vietnam

After the great success of Coach Park Hang Seo, the Koreans paid special attention to the Vietnamese team. That is why many experts in this country also watched closely the "Golden Stars of the Fighters".


Legend o Choi In Young said that the Korean team was not unlawful in Vietnam

Yesterday, national football legend Choi In Young wrote an article in which he praised the Vietnamese team. At the same time, he said the Korean team had something to learn from Coach Park Hang Seo.

Inter Milan football coach Choi In Young said: "In the Asian Cup quarter-final against Japan in 2019 Coach Park Hang Seo team shows that they are not lost even when faced with strong opponents, due to a combination of Vietnam football with a Korean coach team including Coach Park Hang Seo and assistant Lee Young Jin.

The Vietnamese team is more defensive in terms of strong opponents. But they always try to intimidate their counterattacks with the participation of many players so they can make good use of scoring opportunities.

This differs from Korea. Countermeasures are critical for team success, but in such situations we are not good. Too few players took part in a counterattack. I think the opportunity to use in counter-attack situations is something the Korean team has to learn to accept Vietnam. "

In addition, the legendary Choi In Young also predicts a bright future for Vietnamese football. He added: "I think the Vietnamese team can jeopardize Korean soccer thanks to the rapid development of a good home league. Korea is still the strength of Asian football, but I'm not sure when Vietnam is coming.

Even in the Asian Cup in 2019, the Chinese team showed itself, despite being limited. Vietnam has more positive signals. "

In March, the Vietnamese team will have a friendly match with South Korea in the Super Cup between two regions of Southeast Asia – East Asia.


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