Lost Cambodia, Can Vietnam Tel Can not AFF CUP 2018?

In the last round, Vietnam had to meet Cambodia (which was certainly excluded) at Hang Diem yard. It's hard to win to get rid of the host. But football always has a lot of surprises. The possibility of eliminating Vietnam is not unrealistic. Here is the scenario of the last round of Group A.

Vietnam lost to Cambodia

If this happens, Vietnam must … pray. If Myanmar also lost from Malaysia, but the score does not match the loss of Vietnam, the "Golden Star" will be eliminated from the group stage.

Illustrative example: Vietnam lost to Cambodia 0-2, Myanmar lost to Malaysia 0-1. At this point, Vietnam has 7 points, 3, Myanmar has 7 points, +4 is +4 and Malaysia has 9 points. Vietnam is expelled.

The Vietnamese number is still likely to be eliminated from AFF Cup 2018 - Photo 2.

To divide a point with Myanmar, Vietnam can not completely eliminate the possibility of exclusion from the group. Photo: Hieu Luong.

Vietnam wins Cambodia

In any case, fans can still believe Vietnam will win against Cambodia. In case he won 3 points, the "Golden Stars" will become the first if Myanmar does not win Malaysia or win, but the final score is poor Vietnam.

Vietnam is in Cambodia

Hang Gyeong Park Teacher will have 8 final points. At the top of the table, Vietnam needs Myanmar Air Condition Malaysia. At the same time, the overall objective of Burma should be lower than Vietnam, because the equality of two teams is the same.

Example: Vietnam has five goals, Myanmar has 7 goals. Last match, Vietnam draw 1-1, Myanmar draw 0-0, Myanmar top table.

If Vietnam 3-3 match and Myanmar 0-0, Vietnam has 8 goals, Myanmar still 7 goals => Vietnam top.

The Vietnamese number is still likely to be eliminated from the AFF 2018 Cup - photo 3.

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