Mourinho's "fake in advance" failed in a derby in Manchester

Mourinho is very careful with his words. Although Mourinho welcomed Turin after winning 2-1 over Juventus in the Champions League group, Mourinho still expects the worst result against the city Wednesday night.

"We are trying every day, I can not say that the team will succeed with a momentum or desire, but we have gone through two challenging games against Chelsea and Juventus and we have achieved good results, even if we do not have good results, a positive approach comes in. Man City is strong, but we will try. "

"I would like to feel that no matter where we are, the team will always strive, which is the desire of every fan of MU all over the world." When we switched on the television, they knew we were going to fight. You will lose tomorrow, but we will always fight there. If Manchester does not start and does not end well, we will bring the audience at least happy. "

This is the opposite of Mourinho, of which we know. Previously, Mourinho has always been known to be pragmatic and interested only in the results. But the results are now just the other side of the joy of the public.

On the other side of the track, Guardiola is much more confident: "We have to play well against United, if we play well, we have a chance to win, we played or played 75 minutes in a derby last season but MU proved that they only need the last 10 or 15 minutes to creating an opportunity. "

"When they have a ball, they can create great opportunities with their enthusiasm, but we are in November and maybe the back leg at Old Trafford (played in March) (2019) is crucial, both teams are good and it is a derby that is worth attention. "

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