Murder kills a bad guy?

When H & # 39; s Nh's face mask fell, she knew she had hit the wrong person, but to hide her sin, Ksor broke the victim's neck to death …

Vietnamese police have announced that Gia Lai police have issued a decision to prosecute the accused, arrested Ksor Luon (50 years old, Mlach trade, Phu Can, Krong Pa district, Gia Lai province). kill people. The victim is Nay Hai Nha (the local population).

In the investigative body, Ksor Lul did not initially admit his behavior. However, with the sharp evidence of the police, Ksor Lun admitted the act of killing Nay Hai Nha.

Ksor H & Lam (sister-in-law) about Ksor Lun cows entering Ksor H & Lam, which damages crops. Ksor Lin later accepted the intention of revenge.

Field trial network jacket – Photo: Gia Lai Newspaper

On the morning of October 15, when she saw Nay Hahn, hugging the grass at the foot of the mountain, she thought it was Ksor H & Lâm (the mask of Nay H & Nha camouflaged as Ksor H & Lâm ), which Ksor Lu used round circles, touched many times in his head, causing the victims to fall. Even more poisonous when H & Nha's mask fell, she knew the wrong person, but hiding her sin, Luong strangled the victims to death.

The daily Gia Dinh Online quoted Lieutenant Nguyen Dinh Mai as a member of the Criminal Police Department of the Provincial Police Department, one of the people investigating the case. at the time when H & M was murdered, carry the grass. However, police said on October 15th that this car was led by his wife H. to run for her daughter in Tang, Phu Can, 7 km away. Besides, there is no grass in the lady

So we ask, "Why is Ksor Lun about this lie, is the subject of secrecy?" The identity, identity of Ksor Lun is known to have 18 years in prison for murder. Almost 20 years ago, Luke was defeated by a businessman for the theft of clothes in the middle of the night with dead wood wands. The case and some of the earlier details of the case are similar to the case of H & N. "

On 1 November 2018, the Provincial Criminal Police Department issued a decision to prosecute Ksor Lun accused of murder.

Earlier, as announced, 15/10 afternoon, his wife Nay Hays Nha saw no grass so Ksor Tinh with his relatives in Ch Mo Mo (Phu Can) can find him.

H & Nha died at the foot of the mountain with many injuries in her head.

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