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News from "balloons" yellow ball – Football 24 hours

Thursday, 29/11/2018 00:06 (GMT + 7)

A number of sports journalists suddenly unveiled the results of the Golden Ball competition in 2018 on the radio Onda Cero (TBN). That would be a real shock to Ronald.

9 goals from Ronaldo in Serie A

Yesterday evening, Cristiano Ronaldo she continued the game in memory as she contributed tectonic tentacles to help Juventus defeat Valencia in the Champions League phase. CR7 also entered the history of top clubs in Europe as the first player to win 100 victories. Still, this victory is not happy, Ronaldo was shocked.

Ronaldo is shocked by the record championship: a reported " Yellow Ball - 1

Radio Onda Cero (TBN) revealed that Modric is the new owner of Golden Ball, while Ronaldo received the ball, Silver Griezmann received the ball.

At Onda Cero (TBN), some journalists have unexpectedly unveiled the results of the Golden Ball Award ceremony since 2018, Ballon d 'Or. That's why Luka Modric (Real Madrid) is the new owner of the club's top supreme football club, while Ronaldo has only received a silver ball while Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid) won the ball.

This is not the first reputation Ronaldo the loss of gold will appear. A few days ago, a number of European newspapers revealed that the 33-year-old superstar did not make the first three, retreating Kylian Mbappe (PSG), Modric, and another former Rafa Varane teammate. Even the newspaper L'Equipe (co-owner of France football) also published a video announcing three candidates.

French journalist Mootaz Chehade said Madrid will host a French football awarding team this week as well as photos prepared for the December 3 envelope. , date of award.

Writer Tancredi Palmeri (Bein Sports) said the secret source showed that Ronaldo certainly did not win the Golden Ball, but Griezmann was the winner. In the online football survey of France, only 40% of over 8,000 readers voted for CR7 for Golden Ball.

Ronaldo has always been considered a Golden Ball candidate due to success and has earned a "Champions League" score of 2017/18. Modric, however, is the name that has received so much support from professionals because the Croatian midfielder has completed the hattrick of his personal title "The Wold Cup," the player of the year. UEFA and FIFA Best.

On the other hand, the champions of the French champions like Griezmann, Mbappe, Varane have a huge advantage in the one-year world championship. Griezmann also shared the Atletico Europa League.

Football France will announce the identity of the Golden Ball 2018 in the December 3 gallery in Paris. This year's Golden Ball is based on the vote of sports journalists.

Instead of concluding the last three candidates, France Football will have a list of 30 candidates to increase the run of the race to the highest football awards.

Ronaldo set a record in the Champions League.

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