Obama earned $ 65 million by writing books

The autobiography was released in the US on November 13 to help President Barack Obama's wife draw $ 65 million in license agreements in 31 languages ​​worldwide, along with other remittances. from book promotion campaigns or the sale of related items.

Theo New York Post, Autobiography ranges from 300 to over $ 4,000, depending on the version with Michelle's photographs and signatures.

Cover the Becoming autobiography. Photo: Amazon

Cover the Becoming autobiography. Photo: Amazon

The former first lady is touring 10 cities in the US to support her autobiography. Tickets for each show in Chicago are $ 29.50 and 20,000 tickets expired within 5 minutes of the sale. Obama also sells 25 different kinds of books related items such as t-shirts, $ 20 drinks or $ 35 candles.

In addition to making money from writing books, Obama is currently a speaker for large corporations and nonprofit organizations with a reward of approximately $ 225,000. In October 1977 she was invited as a lecturer at the women's conference in Pennsylvania to 12,000 spectators and received a generous salary.

Theo ForbesObama and his wife earned $ 20.5 million in salaries and book sales from mid-2005 when Obama becomes Senator, until 2016 when he ends his presidency. Obama's family owns a fortune of $ 135 million and does not include money for speakers.

Obama currently pays around $ 400,000 for every speech and $ 3 billion in $ 20 billion with Wall Street firms in 2017, $ 1.2 million. His current earnings are above wages. He received $ 200,000 a year as President.

As predicted, the autobiography "Becoming" may become one of the best-selling books in the world. Obama in the book reveals his personal life, marriage, political stories for eight years in the first lady.

Former US President Obama has published several books and received a small income. $ 8.8 million was added to "The Audacity of Hope," which was released in 2006, and a children's book was released in 2010. He also made nearly $ 7 million from the book "Dreams from My Father". "

In addition to selling books as a spokesperson, Obama also received $ 50 million of Nexflix video production contract on issues related to family life. This program will be broadcast in 190 countries around the world.

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