Poor game, Indonesia lost silver against Singapore in Group B AFF Cup 2018

Major points Singapore 1-0 Indonesia Significant victories opened the semi-final door

Singapore vs Indonesia are the hardest in Group B, AFF Cup's "Death Group" 2018. The results of this match significantly affect the league table. Placed next to Thailand is best rated, Singapore and Indonesia must win points in this match competing tickets to go to the semifinals.

With this goal, plus the power of Singapore and Indonesia are the same, the game is attractive and open from the start. Heat is in the middle of the field, both sides are strongly questioned, constant pressure and are not afraid to hit hard.

Indonesia has more hold, but Singapore owners are the first team to own this opportunity. In the 9th minute Indonesian defense revealed the dead space in the immediate vicinity. Pointing distance, midfielder Shakir Hamzah has scored a quick shot for Yasir Hanapi as goaltender of Indonesia. But Hanapi takes the shot but the keeper fails!

Players disagree.

Six minutes later, Indonesia almost scored a goal from the sky. Febri Haryadi crossed a direct free kick and the ball fell to the back of the Singaporean defender and back to the bar. Singapore scored a narrow margin.

The match was interesting when both teams repeatedly attempted to tat. After pulling the ball from Singapore from a corner kick, Indonesia made a quick counterattack. An Indonesian player passes a high-speed line for his teammates to jump, facing the opponent. For Indonesia, it is regrettable because the goalkeeper Hassan Sunny in Singapore has blocked the market.

Underestimated, but strong, strong, conscious and certain to help Singapore reach the goal. 37 min. Gabriel Quak from the left wing on the right wing and then threw the ball into the penalty area. The Indonesian defender moves the ball to the place where Captain Hariss Harun took over. Do not miss out on the opportunity, defender shirts No. 14 to throw a beautiful half-time to kick off your right foot, score for the home team of Singapore.

Bad game, Indonesia lost silver against Singapore in Group B AFF Cup 2018 - Photo 3.

Hariss Harun has scored only one goal in the game.

Bad game, Indonesia lost silver against Singapore in group B AFF Cup 2018 - Photo 4.

Hariss Harun celebrates the goal.

Just over 3 minutes, Singapore will almost double. From the cross from the field part Yasir Hanapi, who quickly tends to miss the Faris Ramli, but the ball went wide. However, Faris Ramli made a disastrous appearance.

Shortly before closing, Singapore again had a great opportunity to eat again. The ball in the court, the defender "Lva" immediately passed the group for the team. However, the final phase of the game is too disorganized: the ball passes the goal of Indonesia.

Dropped 1-0 to Singapore. Indonesia has a strong ability to attack the border with overlapping and continuous wings. But they have to improve their strengths while improving their counterattack capabilities after gaining a chance in Singapore in the second half.

In the second half the owner of the Singaporean hand is excited, otherwise the first half. On the Indonesian side, they strengthened and continued to exhibit plenty of space. In the 46th minute the singapore player escaped on the right wing, led the ball into the penalty area, but again hit the Indonesian defender, the opportunity was good.

Four minutes later, Indonesia gave Singapore a large vacancy. Goalkeeper Hassan Sunny started a counterattack and left goalkeeper Faris Ramli, but goalkeeper Faris surprised the goalkeeper's head and hit the bar.

Bad game, Indonesia lost silver to Singapore in table B AFF Cup 2018 - Photo 5.

Indonesia has coordinated the attacks in a bad way, often triggered by a rush.

After the first minutes of exciting games, Singapore once again deployed the war as the first half. Indonesia is still in full swing before Singapore's best defense. After more than 50 minutes, the team sees more levels and deserves to win.

In the second half of the second half, the Indonesian madman attacked the equalizer. 76 minutes, Irfan Fandi to the penalty area, but the ball is played by Nguyen Hien Triet.

During the rest, both teams were struggling in the middle of the field. In the fourth minute, Indonesian striker Juni Antara pushed his knee into the male body and received a second yellow card from the field. Indonesia wins the game very badly.

In bad shape, Indonesia lost silver to Singapore in group B AFF Cup 2018 - photo 6.

Strike in the last minute of the match.

The final score is 1-0 in favor of Singapore. The home team plays simple, sticks to the tactic of the coach, focuses on the first minute of the last minute and shows how much strength. This is a worthy victory for "lions". On the Indonesian side, poor performances in this match did not show that they are champions of the tournament.

The victory gained three points but Singapore finished second behind Thailand with a 7-0 victory over Timor Lester. The next round will be Singapore in the Philippines, while Indonesia will get Timor Leste home to Gelora Bung Karno.

In bad condition, Indonesia lost silver to Singapore in group B AFF Cup 2018 - photo 7.

Temporary rating table B.

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