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Proposal for a revised labor law: Propose another holiday in the year

Adding 1 Holiday of the Year: War of the Invalid and Martyrs (July 27 Solar Calendar)

Minister of Labor, Invalidity and Social Affairs Dao Ngoc Dung said in the proposal that the addition of one other holiday is based on the following points: Since 1947, when the Presidential Directive of Ho Chi Minh was chosen to select the anniversary of the war invalids, martyrs and the protection of war invalids and martyrs On July 27 every year, the central government decides to be the day of war invalids and martyrs.

For more than 70 years, the fact is that on July 27 every year, from central to local level, all levels and sectors spend time organizing practical and meaningful activities to pay tribute to heroes, martyrs, mobilizing, visiting, caring for war disabled, martyrdom, people with meritorious services all over the country.

According to Dao Ngoc Dung, Minister of Labor, Invalidity and Social Affairs, a 1-day increase in addition helps workers to have one more day off in a year to be grateful to those who have merit and rest and re-produce work and media. they have more time to care for the family and both contribute to stimulating the development service industry.

Every July 27th, it became a symbol of Vietnamese national culture, expressing gratitude, expressing the deep love of children and grandchildren to those who contributed to the country and expressed a beautiful tradition of Vietnamese: "Drink water, remember the source". In addition, the tradition of "Remembering the Fruit Tree", "Spiritual Master", "Award" helpers, helps people penetrate the thoughts and actions of our people.

In fact, adding leave is more appropriate to adjusting the annual holidays, especially during the four-month period, from 2 May to 1 September, which is currently not available. Public Holidays

In addition, when it comes to the question of similarities with the customs and habits for choosing the holidays of many countries in the world.

In Europe, Canada and France, each November 11, they choose to commemorate all those who sacrifice themselves for their country, with the motto of remembrance, solidarity and tolerance; On May 9, Russia chose to celebrate the celebration of those who died on the occasion of the German Victory Holiday.

According to the proposal, the number of holidays and Tet per year of Vietnamese workers is currently low compared to other countries of the world and compared to other countries in the region (Cambodia is 28 days, Brunei is 15 days, Indonesia is 16 days, Malaysia is 12 days, Myanmar is 14 days, Philippines is 12 days, Singapore is 11 days, Thailand is 16 days, while the total number of holidays and current Tet Vietnam is 10 days).

In Asia, from 1956, South Korea chose June 6 as a memorial day for Korean soldiers who died; Indonesia chose November 10 as Hero's Day …

In the US, the government also chose the last second day of May as a memorial day for martyrs;

In line with tradition, culture, and ethical ethics, the aspirations of the people, the proposal states: Having time off for the whole party, the whole people, and the whole army to express gratitude not only to those, it was a merit that sacrificed blood to protect and build a country, but also a message which expresses gratitude to those who have been credited with rebuilding and building a prosperous country from now on. .

According to Minister Dao Ngoc Dung, July 27 is a public holiday that will raise the level of the day of war invalids and martyrs, with a gratitude to all who have contributed to the country, with revolution and ranks. sunbaenim, with parents, people who were born, raised and honored with Vietnamese cultural values.

The following is a suggestion for adjusting retirement age, adjusting lunar New Years, adjusting working hours, working overtime … read at Dantri.com.vn in the morning. April 29th.

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