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Proposal for conversion of ecological tax with petrol E5 – DVO

HCM City Petroleum Limited Company (Saigon Petro) has just sent a document to the Ministry of Industry and Trade – Finance to recalculate the environmental tax on petrol E5.

Specifically, according to Saigon Petro, E5 gasoline is not really developed in accordance with the purpose of the proposed purpose of replacing gasoline RON 92, which stopped business from the beginning of 2018.

Referring to many clues with a large mixing and oil trading system, the share of petrol E5 petrol (including E5 and RON 95) is decreasing, especially since the beginning of 2019. here. Especially for Saigon Petro, the average E5 petrol ratio in 2018 is 30.06%; in January 2019 it dropped to 25.58%; March 3, 2019 fell to 19.76%.

"These are the monthly figures we have reported to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and this is also a very alarming figure that shows that E5's share tends to decline further in the coming period," Saigon Petro specified.

Saigon Petro said that the propaganda about the impact of the state, sites and businesses on E5 has been realized, but still little, often not. In fact, many users, including urban areas, are not interested in E5 gasoline and use gasoline to ensure quality and safety.

In addition, every liter of E5 RON 92 petrol costs 19,700 VND per liter, RON 95 gasoline is 21,230 VND, a difference of 1,530 VND per liter. Due to the price difference between the two types of low gasoline, according to Saigon Petro, users are not interested in gasoline E5. The low discount also causes agents and retail stores to neglect the sale of this type of gasoline, even leaving the E5 fuel cylinder and moving on to RON 95.

For key businesses, the strong consumption of E5 gas products enterprises, the price stabilization fund of key enterprises will be significantly reduced (not excluded will be negative), while key businesses do not have E5 gasoline products, stabilization of the fund prices is still guaranteed. This discourages businesses from selling E5 petrol.

Saigon Petro proposes to promote E5 propaganda gasoline effects and state sites through the media.

Go to a new school with E5
Petrol station Saigon Petro

In addition, E5 gasoline has a good impact on the environment, so there is a need to create a gap between price difference and RON 95 petrol sufficiently large and in line with environmental regulations, Saigon Petro proposes to apply a tax collection charge. environment above absolute value for each type of gasoline.

Specifically, Saigon Petro suggests that, in absolute terms, a reduction in the E5 petrol tax (eg 500-1000 VND / liter) should be adequately considered without calculating the E5 environmental protection fee in relation to petrol in the ethanol ratio. From now on, the difference between environmental tax and calculation is only 200 VND / liter. The aim of the above solution is to create retail price differences between E5 and RON 95 gasoline around 2000-2,500 VND / liter. This is a basic and long-term measure to be applied.

In addition, Saigon Petro also proposed to align policies for acquiring and using the price stabilization fund between mineral gasoline and E5 gasoline.

Earlier, in March 2018, Saigon Petro also had a proposal to sell back RON 92 crude oil after a large E5 sale, but low consumption.

According to this company, if measures are taken that the performance of E5 gasoline is still low, it does not meet the requirements when the goal is set that environmental protection is not achieved, then reuse RON 92 to social waste. However, this business proposal is considered by management agencies and experts "difficult to implement due to the policy of selling bio-gasoline is the government's decision to protect the environment".

E5 gasoline is sold on a national scale from 1 January 2018. Previously, along with the price difference, this type of gasoline was constantly promoted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade as a safe and environmentally friendly gas. However, according to the regulations, the environmental tax for E5 is equal to 95% of the environmental tax on mineral gas based on the ethanol ratio.

Remember that after the March 2018 environmental tax cut proposal from Saigon Petro, the Treasury replied by proposing an increase in the environmental tax margin for all types of mineral fuels.

The Ministry of Finance said that each tax has a specific purpose in the tax system. And if the gasoline and mineral tax is raised from 3,000 VND to 4,000 VND, this will solve the price difference, increasing the attractiveness of E5.

According to the Ministry of Finance, currently, to support the production and use of bio-petrol, the Special Excise Tax Act, preferential tax rates for bio-gasoline E5 (5% ethanol) and E10 (10%) are set. ethanol) as follows: special excise duty for mineral gasoline is 10%, gasoline E5 is 8%, gasoline E10 is 7%. Thus, for mineral gasoline and E5 gasoline with the same taxable price, the price of E5 gasoline is 3% lower than the price of mineral gas.

The current Environmental Tax Act provides only for the collection of fossil fuel (mineral oil), not the ethanol tax. For fossil fuels and fossil fuels, oil and fats (often referred to as bio-gasoline), only the environmental tax is calculated according to the ratio of fossil fuel gasoline. bio-oil.

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