Results Sheffield vs Leicester: Hero Vardy

The foxes seemed to have dropped Sheffield on the field, but the star level helped them walk away with 3 points.

Not in anticipation of the experts, Leicester City was an overwhelming team from the first minutes of the game. Jamie Vardy soon alerted the home team with a shot at the outer post.

It didn’t take too long, the results came in Foxes in the 24th minute. After an unsuccessful shot from his teammates from a distance, the striker Perez was in the right place, hitting an unstoppable volley and burning the goal. home team.

Direct Sheffield 1-1 Leicester: Tit-for-tat Photo 1
Perez easily opened the score

Only 2 minutes later, however, Sheffield suddenly received a tie from the first finish. It was a corner kick with the end of the attacker McBurnie. After receiving a goal, Leicester pushed the team high and repeatedly intimidated the opponent’s goal. However, the lucky god again denied James Maddison’s goal, so the foxes could not get another goal before entering the break.

Direct Sheffield 1-1 Leicester: Tit-for-tat Photo 1
Sheff leveled quickly

Sheffield and his equalizer actively defended himself to keep one point. Coach Chris Wilder’s strategy has actually caused Leicester many difficulties. The foxes hold the ball a lot, but they hardly get any remarkable opportunity.

However, when everyone was thinking about a draw, the level of the big man The Fox spoke. It was striker Jamie Vardy with a goal in the last official minute, who helped the home team get 3 full points.

Varda's hero helps Leicester escape from the escape route, photo 1
Vardy corrects the score

This victory helped Leicester temporarily advance to third place in terms of Sheffield, who even scored only one point after 11 laps.

Final: Sheff 1-2 Leicester


  • Sheff: Ramsdale, Baldock, Basham, Egan, Bryan, Lowe, Berge, Fleck, Lundstram, McBurnie, Burke
  • Leicester: Schmeichel, Justin, Fofana, Evans, Fuchs, Albrighton, Tielemans, Mendy, Perez, Maddison, Vardy

Premier League Rankings, Round 11

Schedule of the 11th round of the Premier League

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90 & # 39;: DO !!! (Sheffield 1-2 Leicester)

From James Maddison’s cross, Vardy quickly opened and easily defeated goalkeeper R.amsdale

84 & # 39;: STOP

Brewster bravely hits the ball from behind the penalty area, but he lacked accuracy

80 ‘: Leicester is still struggling to reach Sheffield’s goal

Direct Sheffield 1-1 Leicester: Tit-for-tat Photo 1

76 & # 39;: NEV

Iheanacho was inaccurate

71 & # 39;: DANGER

Vardy would have approached the second goal if the Sheffield defender hadn’t played well

65 & # 39;: BEST

McBurnie crashed into the crossbar

63 ‘: Fuchs was booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle

60 ‘: Leicester controls most of the ball

Direct Sheffield 1-1 Leicester: Tit-for-tat Photo 1

57 & # 39;: GOOD ROOM

Justin sensibly hit the ball to prevent Sheffield’s counterattack

51 & # 39;: NO

Vardy couldn’t finish off that great move by his team mates

46 ‘: Evans successfully scattered McBurrnie’s cross




Direct Sheffield 1-1 Leicester: Tit-for-tat Photo 1

45 ‘+ 1: NO ENTRY

The post again denied the goal of the guests, this time with a shot by James Maddison

45 ‘: The first half had a 2-minute break

43 & # 39;: NO

The ball was constantly stuffed in the penalty area Sheffield, but no player on the side of Leicester could finish.

38 & # 39;: YELLOW CARD

Lowe was warned after taking off his Tielemans T-shirt

32 ‘: After the equalization table, the home team plays more confidently

26 & # 39;: DO !!! (Sheffield 1-1 Leicester)

From the corner, an offensive situation McBurnie Bounce high and hit him in the head to get the ball in the dead corner

24 & # 39;: VE !!! (Sheffield 0-1 Leicester)

From an unsuccessful shot of his team mates, Perez was in the right place to hit Sheffield

19 & # 39;: DANGER

Vardy still had the ball in the penalty area, but his return was caught

17 ‘: The speed of the match was not as high as expected

10 & # 39;: NEV

Jamie Vardy came down very quickly and fired with his clean left hand, but the stick denied his goal

5 ‘: Sheffield enters relatively well with disadvantages

Sheffield Direct 0-0 Leicester: Enter an exciting photo 1

1 ‘: Leicester serves first


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